Social media is one of the most widely spread marketing tools in the world today. It has gone so far as to give print media a fierce competition. The best part about social media is that everyone can take part in it with his or her own volition. Everyone can show off their strengths over the internet and be proud of it. The one problem with that is that a large number of people are sharing their contents all over the internet and it becomes an anonymous competition. The main aim for people is the traffic that comes into their site. The volume or quality of traffic can make or break a website.

Nowadays, acquiring traffic has become quite the pressing issue. People make use of specific services like Gramista that are specifically in existence for increasing traffic to the sites that opt for them. These services put in special efforts as well as studies and use their knowledge in gaining followers for those who go for them. There may be many reasons behind decreasing traffic, and certain things can be avoided to make sure that the traffic flowing into your site is uninterrupted and continuous.

Things that need to be avoided and how to avoid them

When it comes to acquiring traffic, several things need to be checked and some specific things that need to be avoided. Here are some methods that might seem beneficial but need to be avoided.

  • Using the wrong platform to share the content: Often what happens is that in an endeavor to spread the content, people tend to use the wrong platform. However, not only does that not have any effect but it is just a waste of time. A forum that is dedicated mainly to neurologists would not quite appreciate the humor in a person slipping on a banana. It is out of context and hence will mostly be received by a general irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to look before you post your content over the internet. Check out the right platforms- really look through the numerous sites and share your content over the relevant platforms. That way, you can get through to likeminded people who enjoy the same things that you do.
  • Not using social media to its full extent: Social media is a platform that has its reach in the deepest and the remotest corners of the world. Therefore, making proper use of it and to its full extent could substantially increase your traffic flow significantly. The trick is to share and re-share till the content has reached as far as it can go. People of the same taste are spread across the entire world and with the right usage of social media; one can get through to the people in the remotest corners of the world. Like, if you have a YouTube video you want to promote, you could share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such trending sites. It is the number one way to be able to reach the maximum number of audience.
  • Going off topic on your posts: People over the internet tend to look at a specific topic over the internet. That is why Google has the feature for input of keyword to get to relevant content. Now if a person types “How to feed a dog” and comes across your post which shows how to teach a parrot to talk, the viewer is obviously not going to be very happy with the post. It is called false advertising, and customer retention is impossible with this kind of posts. You can be guaranteed that with a stunt like that, you can only lose followers. People will not only lose faith in your post, but they will also never visit other contents of your site. Therefore, it is suggested that you always stick to the topic of the keyword.
  • Having a boring presentation: The internet is full of amazing things. Therefore, to get noticed, on needs to use the creative side of their brain to its maximum potential. You must make sure to use the trends to your benefit. Also, round off the edges by avoiding typos and bland style of writing. The presentation is an important thing. The landing page needs to be catchy for the viewer to want to sift through the website. The next requirement is to keep the content interesting. Use bullet points and pictures to spruce up the page and give the viewers visual contentment. If the landing page is attractive to them, they will want to check out rest of the website. It calls for lead conversion.
  • Not posting on the right day and time: Another important thing about getting traffic is timing. That is where strategy comes into action. At first, you have to select the kind of viewers you are aiming at. If the post is something that is targeted for office workers, making the post at 3 PM might not be the most beneficial because office goers are deep at work at that time. However, if you make the post at around 5:30 pm when the office goers have finally gone home and relaxing as they flick through their phones, your site is more likely to come up. Also, the right date could be another critical factor. Keep the anticipation among the people but not long enough for them to get interested in something else.


The world is fast paced, and people have to evolve along with the evolution of the internet. There is always something new going on, and it is best to stay informed about them.