The design and abilities of teeth are truly amazing. Each of your teeth has a different ability that helps you chew your food and speak normally, among other things. Without our teeth, life is far more difficult!

The only issue that teeth have is that they tend to decay over time. Even people who carefully brush and floss on a daily basis can still have trouble with tooth decay.

At the end of the day, sometimes your teeth are just too far gone to be saved. While most people would opt to remove the rotting tooth and let the remaining teeth merge, others aren’t so sure.

In this article, we’ll look at what a dental implant is and explain the 4 secrets behind their current popularity. If you have teeth, which we all do, then I’d recommend reading on!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium plates designed to mimic the appearance of your missing tooth. A dental implant completely replaces your tooth but effectively continues the purpose of that particular tooth while doing so.

In the past, dental implants were gold-plated or even silver. These days, the titanium implant is designed to look exactly like a regular tooth.

4 Secrets Explained

1. Natural and Comfortable

Those of you who have had fillings and other dental treatments are well aware of how strange they feel when first implemented. Some young children with fillings have even been known to remove them because of this discomfort.

Dental implants don’t cause this problem as they really feel and even taste like a regular tooth. You may notice a slight metallic tang when it gets implanted, but your taste buds will quickly adjust.

The implant also looks exactly like a regular tooth. Each dental implant is designed to look like a particular type of tooth. Whether you get a molar or a canine replaced, it will look like an exact replica of the tooth that used to be there. (Except that it will be perfectly clean and white with no decay on it)

2. Longevity (Dependable)

Assuming you’re not a fan of munching on rocks, your dental implants should last for 30 years or even longer. 90% of titanium dental implants last for at least 30 years. The remaining 10% tend to get damaged earlier by unforeseen circumstance such as a car crash.

You won’t even need to worry about tooth decay for those decades. Your dental implant can withstand any of the usual bacteria left behind by your food. The only maintenance you’ll need to have done is the occasional whitening of the implant. Even that is just to make sure it still looks the same as the rest of your teeth. (Which you should also get cleaned and whitened regularly)

3. Helps with Eating and Speaking

When one of your teeth gets removed the corresponding tooth on the other side of your mouth needs to be removed as well to retain balance. An implant allows you to keep your other tooth and still have the correct sets of teeth in the right place in your mouth.

While it is better to have teeth removed when your mouth gets over-crowded, or the tooth is damaged, it does affect your ability to eat and, to a lesser degree, speak. You’ll notice that your speech sounds a little different right after having your teeth removed. You may not realize it, but we use our teeth almost as much as our tongue when we speak.

When it comes to eating, removing certain types of teeth can impede our ability to tear or chew our food properly. Some teeth are designed for chewing up your food, others for grinding, and still others for tearing big pieces off.

Whatever the function of your tooth, the optimal means of eating without trouble is to have all of your teeth intact. While a dental implant isn’t technically your tooth, it still does just as a good a job of it!

4. Jawline Retention

When you get your teeth removed the next step is to bridge the new gap between the teeth on either side. Not only have you just cut down to the root of your lost teeth but now you have to move the rest of your teeth closer together so that you don’t have two gaping holes in your mouth.

When we do this, our jawline tends to change and not in a good way most of the time. The result could be a loss of your usual sharp jawline or even uneven cheekbones.

Dental implants remove the need for this because the gap gets filled by them instead. The rest of your teeth can remain exactly where they are.

On top of that, adding the implant where your tooth was before helps retain the gun and tissue of that area even further. The result is that your facial features are unaffected by the implantation process.

You Need Healthy Teeth to have a Healthy Face

These four secrets show the main reasons why people prefer dental implants over pretty much any other procedure. When it comes to health and appearance, you can have both by using dental implants.

When you smile, you want people to see nice, clean, and straight teeth all the way across. Not only that, but you also want people to see your amazing chin, cheeks, and jawline. You can retain all of these things and forget about further decay problems by simply using dental implants.

The implantation procedure is already extremely successful, and dentists are only getting better at it as time goes on. One day soon, I would imagine that dental implants will be a common, simple procedure for even minor cases of tooth decay.

If your goal is to get your teeth fixed up and healthy while still keeping all of them intact, then dental implants are the way to go. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Keep on smiling!