When you’re working in the real estate industry, you live for leads and want more of them every single day. Though investors can use traditional methods to generate leads, modern times need modern strategies. This post consists of 4 tips for generating property investor leads using both, modern and traditional ways.

1. Advertising | The Traditional Way

The first tip is to go for paid advertising campaigns. This includes advertising your agency’s ads on billboards, television, and radio. You can also advertise in local newspapers or distribute flyers, etc. Though this option comes off as expensive, it is worth the effort. Advertising via traditional media reaches far off potential clients who may or may not have access to modern technology. Thus, it would be smart to invest some money in advertising and get the word out there about your agency.

2. Advertising | The Modern Way

If the first tip doesn’t sit well with your idea of a perfect lead generation hunt, then apply the second one. The second tip is advertising about your real estate agency across websites on various devices. Since a lot of clients use mobile and handheld devices in the modern age, it would be wise to target your clients on platforms where they spend the most time. You can do this in 2 ways. Either you can pay for running your ads across various platforms or you can make use of SEO and create engaging content on your website to attract the right audience.

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3. Start Using Social Media

The third tip is to hop on to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and create your agency’s profiles on them. Produce content that aims at your ideal clients and engage with them on posts. You might want to spend a few bucks on advertising on these platforms to get people to like your page or follow your account. Once you succeed in making yourself known among the target clients, redirect them to your contact forms and use CTAs to elicit a response from them. These responses can include general queries from prospects or requests for one-on-one meeting sessions with your potential clients. How do you convert these leads into sales will depend on your way of dealing with clients.

4. Telephone Marketing

One of the traditional methods used by new real estate agencies was buying lists of people who have either advertised or registered with other estate agents for their property (buying, selling, and renting) needs. Estate agencies that have been in the business for a while would sell these lists for small profit margins. The new estate agents would then contact potential clients via telephone calls.

If you feel you are out of luck and do not have a dime to spend on marketing your agency’s existence, then try purchasing lead lists from other agents in your locality. Once you get your hands on contact numbers of your distressed clients, contact them via phone calls, and offer your services.


With the rise in the use of portable devices and the internet, it is advised that real estate agents put the effort into building their online existence. They must also establish good customer service because most people these days prefer buying online. From ordering grocery to searching for a property, customers prefer using online platforms over traditional methods. Thus, the third tip would prove to be the most fruitful one from all of the mentioned ones.