Neuschwanstein Castle has an interesting backstory. It is said that the king was obsessed with fortresses and castles and had built several ones during his short ruling period. The Neuschwanstein Castle is a product of his worldly desires to create a space that’s no less than a fantasy and where he could live a luxurious and royal life. Of course, he was opposed by his time’s nobility as they could not support king Ludwig neglecting the state’s affairs. You would be surprised to know that he was declared mad by four psychologists who were sanctioned by the government.

What’s more? He was forced to leave his castle, the great Neuschwanstein castle. The result of this was the king’s death. They found his body in Lake Starnberg. People consider it suicide; however, several historians believe otherwise. Some say that declaring the king mad and removing him as the ruler was a conspiracy theory, and it was all planned by his advisors. After the king died, the castle was opened for tourists and the general public to witness its beauty and mesmerizing architecture.

Location And Architecture

Today, Neuschwanstein Castle is the most visited place in the world. Every year, visitors go to this place and fall in love with its beauty and attractive design elements. Many say the castle is one of its kind. It inspired Walt Disney, and because of that, we got to see the same castle in Sleeping Beauty.

The castle’s architectural patterns are from Burgentomantik, a contemporary sphere. It also incorporates King Ludwig’s love for the work of great German theatre composer-director, Richard Wagner. If we dive into details, Burgenromantik is a German term used for the romanticism of castles. Additionally, the basic shapes used in the construction of this castle are simple cuboids and arches of semicircular shapes that are inspired by Romanesque art style.

Tours and Reservations

Before you pick your camera and hire a travel company for Neuschwanstein Castle tour, you must know a few things about Neuschwanstein Castle. As a visitor, you are only allowed to have a 35-minute tour of this place. This time limit is not enough to adore the beauty of this place, but it is what it is. You get the guided tours of Neuschwanstein Castle, and these tours are based on topics of tourists’ interest.

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However, you must make a reservation for your guided tour. Ensure that you book your tour at least two to three days before you arrive at the castle. Early booking allows you to pick a time slot and tour type that you prefer. Last-minute reservations will not be fun; trust us!

Once you have placed a reservation request, you will have to wait for some time, maybe for a few days, until your request is approved. You will receive details of your reservation once your request is processed.

As a visitor, you will have to collect your tour ticket from the ticket office on the day when your visit is due. However, you can collect the ticket at least an hour before your tour starts.

Way To Neuschwanstein Castle

You can visit this charismatic castle as a daytime outing and can get to the castle easily from Munich that connects by rail. The trains operate at a one-hour interval from Hauptbahnhof Station in Munich. The trains reach an attractive small town called “Fussen.” This town is a ten-minute ride away from the popular Hohenschwangau village, where the castle is situated.

Taking A Bus To The Castle

Once you arrive in Fussen, you have to take a quick bus ride to reach your destination, i.e., the Hohenschwangau village. The route will bring freshness to your life as you will get to witness several soothing sceneries and the beauty of nature. You can spot the bus easily as it has the number 78. You won’t have an issue identifying the bus as a bunch of tourists will be running to get on board. There’s another castle that you can visit while you are here. The Hohenschwangau Castle is another sight for sore eyes. You can buy package tickets to visit both of these castles and that too at a discounted price.

If you’re visiting Germany, a tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle is a must. Now that you know how you can book yourself a slot of your choice, there’s no reason why you can’t plan to visit it during your trip to Germany!