PicsbyFran (CC0), Pixabay

With most of us having furry friends roaming about the place, this often means that our interior has to accommodate their messy ways. The same goes for our kids – there are so many things we want but the kids and the dog just don’t make it possible! Such as that gorgeous white sofa you’ve had your eye on or that glass vase. Or even your flooring? Your flooring is a huge part of how your interior looks and is perceived, and its looks will make a major difference to the look of your room. So what are the best flooring choices for when you have pesky kids and pets roaming around?


Laminate is a really good choice when it comes to selecting an appropriate choice for flooring when it comes to your pets and kids. Not only does it look very similar to real wood, but it also very durable and will last many years if cared for properly. This is ideal if you’re not keen on changing your flooring frequently and want something that will be reliable and durable. As well as this, it is also very easy to keep clean with it being scratch, stain, and waterproof – ideal for your kids and pets! On top of all this, it is also a nice affordable option, which is great for those families who are on a budget and just need something stress-free!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Most certainly the best option. LVT will serve you well in a variety of situations and rooms. Its durability is very strong (with it lasting at least ten years if not longer) as well as very practical and easy to manage. It is scratch, water, and stain-proof (great for pets with sharp claws or sharp toys which easily dent the flooring!) It also comes in very convincing replicas of natural products such as real wood and stone, that often it’s impossible to tell them apart!

Engineered Wood

Although not the top choice, engineered wood will certainly serve you well. Being more affordable and practical than its solid counterpart, engineered wood is a good choice. It is scratch, stain, and water-resistant, however, if it does get any damage you can sand it down to eradicate this. You don’t even have to sacrifice good looks with engineered wood either, with it being almost identical to real wood!