New Windows

There’s no doubt that you need to do something about your home’s windows. Calling a contractor and arranging for a home visit is the first step to finding suitable replacements. As part of the process, the contractor will likely provide a free estimate for windows in Toronto. As you look over the details of that estimate, take the time to ask a few questions. Doing so will ensure you and the contractor are clear on what’s included and what is considered above and beyond the estimate.

Does the Estimate Include Removing and Hauling Away the Old Windows?

You don’t see a line item that specifically addresses getting rid of the old windows. While this is part of the service that many window companies include in their Cambridge windows options, don’t make any assumptions. As the contractor, if the estimate includes hauling away the old windows. If not, ask if the company will take care of this and how much it would cost.

What Supplies are Covered in the Estimate?

Your free estimate for windows in Toronto may or may not break down the types of supplies needed for the new window installation. Your goal is to understand what sort of supplies are included and which ones might be considered outside the scope of the estimate. For example, it may be necessary to make some cosmetic repairs once the new windows are in place. Are those already accounted for in the estimate, or would they be an additional expense?

If the Installation Takes Longer, Will I Pay More Labor Costs?

You also want to know more about labor costs. Some window companies include a flat rate for labor that has nothing to do with the amount of time it takes to remove the old windows and install the new ones. Others calculate the costs based on a projected number of hours that will be devoted to the project. By knowing which approach is used, you will have a better idea of what to expect if the installation ends up taking longer than the contractor anticipated.

Does the Estimate Include Tasks Like Interior Finishing or Painting?

There’s a good chance that some cosmetic work will be needed once the new windows are in place. In most cases, it’s something simple like trimming out the windows and maybe doing a little painting around the frame. Are these tasks that are considered outside the scope of the estimate, or are they included? It could go either way, depending on which windows company is providing the free estimate for windows in Toronto.

If Something Comes Up That’s Not Covered by the Estimate, Will You Let Me Know?

In the past, you’ve had other work done only to find that you owed more once the project was completed. The additional cost had to do with some work that was had to be done but was not readily apparent at the time the estimate was given. Unfortunately, the work was done without any advance notice, so you were left with a surprise.

Your goal is to ensure that the contractor will arrange for you to be notified before any work not included in the estimate is done. While you will likely approve the additional work, this provides you with the opportunity to ensure you have the cash or financing on hand to cover the additional expense. This is one courtesy that you definitely want to be included, just as you wanted the contractor to go over different types of Cambridge window options with you before preparing an estimate.

Is There a Time Limit on the Estimate?

How long do you have to make up your mind before the figures included in the estimate are no longer available? It’s not unusual for companies to only honor an estimate for a certain amount of time. You may find that once it’s presented, you can contact the contractor any time in the next 30 days and those figures will be honored.

Making sure you are clear on the scope of the estimate is important. While it’s not usually considered as binding as a quote, the estimate does represent the contractor’s best effort to help you understand the expense involved with new window installation. Go over every detail and make sure the two of you understand what is and is not included. Doing so will ensure that you know what to expect and that those Cambridge window estimates are as informative as you need them to be.