Augmented Reality (AR) is the new big thing in the market nowadays. It allows real-world view with computer-generated elements and perceptual information that enhances the visual effects of the environment making it much more real. Augmented Reality is known for displaying immersive sensations which are not simple and can easily be perceived as natural parts of the environment. Since the emergence of Augmented Reality, technology has advanced and the lives of the people have become much more simple and convenient.

Here are three industries that have benefited from the innovation of Augmented Reality the most:

  1. The Medical and Educational Industry

The medical industry is without a doubt the most important industry of any market as it helps people recover from dangerous diseases and illnesses. It is also one of the most important reasons behind the growth and success of Augmented Reality as it allows doctors to train well without risking the lives of the patients. Moreover, the medical industry has the potential of education and training where Augmented Reality plays a vital role in enabling students and doctors to carry out trial operations and surgeries with no risks at all. Furthermore, Augmented Reality can be used to deliver lectures and practice unknown procedures surgeries with real-world scenarios and graphics. Augmented Reality acts like the perfect tool for practicing important operations and for training doctors beyond classroom lectures, for example; X-Rays can now be viewed in 3D and can help surgeons understand the situation of their patient with more clarity and accuracy, reducing the chance of making mistakes in medical practice.

Moreover, Augmented Reality is used as an educational tool as well because it offers interactive classroom lectures which students can have access to without having the need to travel all the way to the university or college. This helps save time and travel costs and gives the users the ability to create, show and share their projects with their colleagues which would result in more interactive learning sessions. Market figures and reports suggest that education market is expected to rise and will grow at a rate of 82% by the year 2021 and the value of Augmented Reality by that year will be around $8 Billion, which is incredibly huge.

Various applications are being developed to help students understand the concepts of medicine and other subjects. Many schools and colleges are incorporating the technology of Augmented Reality in their educational system to facilitate the students as well as the teachers.

It is safe to say that Augmented Reality is the future of technology as it improves the way people live and promotes efficiency and accuracy for various organizations.

  1. The Automobile Industry

The automobile industry has been conducting various experiments with Augmented Reality. Companies like Mazda and Chevy have also initiated windshield displays for their customers by using Augmented Reality to show speed displays and other crucial notifications on the windshield of the car so that the driver never leaves the sight of the road and pays full attention whilst driving on busy roads. In addition to this, some companies, for example; WayRay, are taking the concept of Augmented Reality to a whole new level by adding navigation systems in the car which would be shown on the windshield of the car for the driver, whenever they need to find the way to their destination. This enhanced navigation system will have the ability to guide the driver without distractions.

  1. The Marketing Industry

The marketing industry has made some very advanced innovations for advertising products and services through Augmented Reality as it makes the virtual tests more easy and simple, plus, companies can demonstrate their products with real feedback from the audience. Marketing campaigns for companies have been great since the emergence of Augmented Reality.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Augmented Reality is not just about investing for no good reason, people actually believe in this technology because it carries great potential to change the way things work due to its creativity, interactivity, and development for enhanced technological gadgets.

Augmented Reality is expanding on a daily basis and will continue to grow. It has truly revolutionized the way things are done nowadays. Despite being expensive, businesses are incorporating this technology in their models and are benefiting from it by solving their problems like designing and producing automobiles, building factories and installing modern machinery that keeps the work environment safe for the workers.

Augmented Reality Will Thrive In 2018

According to some predictions, Augmented Reality will break all the previous records in 2018 as the sales are totally touching the sky and people just can’t get enough of this astounding technology. The marketplace for Augmented Reality is already 10% larger than last year which illustrates the fact that it is growing at a very fast pace. The general public understands the technology and knows the benefits that Augmented Reality will deliver once it is incorporated properly. The investments that individual people and businesses are making for this particular technology will double this year making it the biggest hit of 2018. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are all making a progress and people just cannot wait to see what technologies these three will offer in near future. Augmented Reality is considered to be the future of physical environment because you can morph among-st your digital entertainment and workplace, and it goes all the way to education and healthcare and much more.

Furthermore, universities and colleges have started to look for innovative ideas and use for implementing Virtual and Augmented Reality in their educational systems in order to deliver more interactive lectures and to encourage class participation of students. Augmented Reality is easier to implement than Virtual Reality because it is more software based and can deliver a much more creative experience for the users.

There are countless opportunities that arise when we talk about Augmented Reality as it has so much to offer. Business and large-scale enterprises are always looking for ways to cut their costs and expenses in order to increase their overall profitability. Augmented Reality has the potential for these sort of opportunities as well. By implementing Augmented Reality in your corporation, you can benefit by introducing new techniques of communication like video calling which is much more interactive as it ensures instant feedback. Moreover, introducing tablets and iPads with PDFs installed in them would help and encourage employees to work more effectively and efficiently as they will be able to save their energy and time and become more productive in terms of work. You can take benefit even more from Augmented Reality with the help of a fast internet package like Charter spectrum. Augmented Reality promotes a completely new platform for gaming as well which has enticed many individuals to incorporate this latest technology in their games in order to enjoy a unique user experience.

Augmented Reality has displayed tremendous value for enterprises and organizations by proving the perfect solutions to them and a lot of companies are considering to invest in this technology by the end of this year.