black and blue slot machine

Slots are the #1 favorite entertainment option for all gamblers. You might be a high-roller who uses every good Online Casino for money-tripling or a casual gamer who likes the vibe. Regardless of the situation, your game pick determines how your session goes. Here is a checklist to ensure your choice is stellar!

1. Many Gamblers Tested It: Start with Scanning the Comments

Reviews, testimonials, and comments are easy-to-find analysis material. Top casino reviews from professionals should be the priority, but the gamblers’ thoughts are equally significant. If the latter is mostly positive and praises particular features, it is a good sign that the game possesses them.

2. Digging Deeper: There Must Be a Good Software Provider

The next step of your investigation is researching the game’s software provider. That is a company that designs, creates, and powers digital products for the iGaming industry. The most prominent names are Microgaming, Yggdrasil, IGT, Playtech, etc. If a bigwig is behind the development of a game, it is more likely to be of high quality. Besides, such software providers usually cooperate with the leading online casinos, which is another good sign.

3. Mercy to Your Money: Now it’s Time to Check the RTP

The Return to Player percentage (RTP) characterizes how much money a game returns to gamblers on average. Theoretically, the higher the RTP is, the better. The problem is that casinos do not usually provide this information. Fortunately, there are independent sources that you can use to find it out.

4. A Matter of Luck, But How Much? Volatility Answers

Also, we cannot neglect the variance (or volatility). It defines how often and how big payouts are. The games with high variance provide rare but significant wins, while the low-variance ones offer frequent but small payouts. Determine which suits you better and pick accordingly. A simpler explanation is here:

  • Low volatility: Secure and stable. A gambler gets small wins very often. Such games rarely bring big profits, but they are 10/10 for novices.
  • High votality: Risky yet rewarding. A gambler gets big wins rarely. That is the main interest for high rollers who make money for a living out of that risk because their thousands of losses turn into dozens of thousands of wins. That is NOT a safe option for novices and casual gamers.
  • Medium votality: That is like a normal mode in video games. That means the game will have a balance of paying out and making you lose randomly. A nice option for gamblers with experience, but it can also be good for brave novices.

5. Convenience: Check the Controls, Autoplay, and Mobile Availability

Another significant aspect is the game’s convenience. Many gamblers now use mobiles to play, so the game you choose must be available on your device. Play around with controls to make sure you know how it all works before you start spinning for real money. If you are an experienced gambler, check if there is an autoplay option because that saves gamblers a lot of time and effort.

6. Great Graphics: That Is Not Optional

The aesthetical component has nothing to do with practicality — at first glance. Nevertheless, high-quality visuals are a sign of good work on a project. As a rule, only high-RTP, medium volatility, and fair games have that constituent because reputable providers create such games. So, please do not neglect the graphics even when you do not care about them!

Final Words

There you have it! These six essential features make up a good slot game. It is vital to check all of them because, as you can see, they affect different spheres of the gambling process. So, be attentive and gamble safely!