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If you asked someone from the church they would probably look at you funny; Christians aren’t exactly known for their cannabis-friendly ideas. Yet it is quite plausible that Jesus Christ himself used cannabis (mostly in the form of CBD) and of course, shared it with his fans. And why not? After all, if you are to believe Him, the plant is a creation of His own father a.k.a. God.

1. Cannabis is a sacred plant

In several religions, cannabis was seen in ancient times as a sacred plant that played a role in religious rituals. For example, there is evidence to suggest that according to the Gospel of Jude, cannabis (perhaps kaneh bosm at the time) was a key ingredient in the preparation of holy anointing oil, which Jesus himself used in his “miraculous” healings.

In any case, the use of cannabis and other plant-based mind-altering substances was fairly common in religious traditions. Believers did so to meditate and enter a spiritual state. The word entheogen itself literally means “coming from the god within” and is used for mind-altering substances.

Cannabis has thus been used in spiritual and religious rituals for thousands of years, and there is a good chance that Jesus himself participated in such rituals. Of course, this is about the medicinal effect of cannabis.

2. Cannabis was commonly used in Jesus’ time as well

People have been using cannabis for thousands of years, and there is no reason to believe that Jesus was not one of them. There was no prohibition on cannabis, so why wouldn’t Jesus use it himself? The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the second, was buried along with a serving of kief. Probably for a pleasant passage to the afterlife.

By the way, Ramses was not the only mummy who went to the grave with some marijuana, scientists have found another mummy in China who had a portion of marijuana with him. In Romania, 5,000-year-old evidence of cannabis use was found.

So clearly cannabis use goes back thousands of years, people from well before the birth of Jesus until well after his death used the sacred herb. So Jesus was born into a world where cannabis had long been known. So he should definitely be familiar with it or at least have heard of it.

3. Holy anointing oil with Kaneh Bosm

We already mentioned this in point 1, but according to a number of scholars, cannabis was an important ingredient of the holy anointing oil of which the recipe can be found in the bible of the Gospel of Judea. In Exodus 30:22 – 26, God himself gives the recipe for this holy anointing oil, which includes kaneh bosm.

Although kaneh bosm is translated to calamus in most bibles, some scholars believe that is an incorrect translation, and that kaneh bosm may in fact be nothing but cannabis. Anthropologist Sula Benet was the first to come up with the theory. She stated that hemp appears in the Old Testament in the incense used in religious festivals, and was used as a mind-altering agent.

Following Sula Benet, other scholars also believe that kaneh bosm is in fact cannabis. If she is right, it means that Jews in Jesus’ day regularly made a cannabis-based ointment. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to start smoking. At most, it means that you can benefit from CBD oil

4. Jesus Christ is the anointed one of God

The name Christ literally means “anointed one” in Greek, so this ties in completely with the previous clue. We all know that Jesus is known as Jesus Christ, and Christ is not his last name but a religious title. Add one and one together and you get the idea that Jesus himself was also heavily anointed with the holy cannabis oil.

5. Holy anointing oil against epilepsy and seizures

Nowadays, more and more is known about the anti-epileptic properties of cannabis and CBD. How coincidental then is it that Jesus used the holy anointing oil – or should we say holy cannabis oil – to cure seizures and epileptic patients?

In Jesus’ day, however, they still thought that epileptic seizures were the work of a demonic occupation. In devil exorcisms (read: suppressing epileptic seizures), the holy oil was found to work miracles. Miracles that are still performed today, but with cannabis oil in patients epileptic seizures.

6. Jesus preached peace and love

Jesus is known worldwide for his sermons on charity and peace. Yet he also talked about wars and used violent metaphors. But this violent side of Jesus had mainly political implications, besides him being mainly interested in propagating love and peace, just like cannabis-loving people usually are.

Just think of the hippie era, which is also inextricably linked to cannabis. Wasn’t that also about love and peace? Every cannabis lover knows that you become more peaceful when you are stoned. Coffee shop goers never kick up a fuss and blowing couples are much less likely to argue than couples who don’t use cannabis, according to scientific research in the US.

7. The Bible mentions cannabis several times

God: “I hereby give you all seed-bearing plants and all fruit trees on the earth; this shall be your food.

Exodus 30:22 – 26, as we described in point 3, is about the holy anointing oil with one of its ingredients being kaneh bosm, which scientists believe must actually be cannabis. However, that is not the only verse that might be about cannabis.

Take the verses about Moses; in Exodus 3:1-17, Moses talks about a spiritual experience atop Mount Sinai. He saw the earth angel in flames from a bush. This burning bush may well have been a burning cannabis bush and its smoke may have caused the appearance of the angel.

Continue to be careful

Even though you might believe that Jesus himself used weed, you cannot deny that he was mostly interested in the medicinal powers of the plant and therefore in CBD, not the THC. If you want to try this out for yourself, we suggest that you ask someone you know for help or grow your own cannabis plants. On this website, you can learn everything about growing and finding the best cannabis strains. That way you’ll know that you’ll be in safe hands.