A spacious home is a happy home. More often than not, well-lived houses are usually ones with open spaces that people can freely move around in. This isn’t to say that these homeowners are too poor to afford more furniture or various luxuries. In fact, these days, a spacious home constitutes a rich lifestyle that’s far beyond materialistic means. With all the open spaces in the house, the kids get to play around, people get to exercise, and it can become a great venue for soirees and dinner parties. There are so many things homeowners can do when their home isn’t too stuffy.

A spacious home is also a product of strategy and a good eye for detail. It may seem implausible at first, but it’s still very much possible to keep all your belongings and more while also retaining a spacious house. It’s all about how your smartly decorate your house’s interior and here are ten ways to increase spaces in your own home.

Always Organize

An organization is a key to a clean and spacious home. If you’re one to hoard stuff out of sentimental reasons, then make sure each and every item is neatly stored. Prioritize the ones that are still used by people in the house and put them in places that they can easily get to. For those that aren’t as needed, on the other hand, they can be stored in various closets and shelves. Organizing your house is the primary and practically the best way in which you can still keep your treasures but achieve a spacious home at the same time.

Make Use of Light

Part of keeping a spacious home is maintaining the illusion of spaces. While it may sound too complex, you can easily achieve this through strategic lighting. Light Logic shares that darker environments make rooms appear stuffy, even if they really aren’t. They suggest making use of natural light by installing as many windows as you can, as well as wall sconces and overhead lighting for when it becomes dark by nightfall. Tall and thin lamps are also highly-encouraged, especially if they are placed in the corners of the rooms so they won’t bother the spaces within them.

Go for Minimalism

Out of all the interior design styles you can choose from, minimalism will best keep the house spacious. This aesthetic requires simplicity more than anything else, even if you have a lot of stuff around the house. Following minimalism is getting the sleekest types of furniture, adhering to neutral color schemes, and putting away unnecessary elements from the comforts of your home. Not only will this style increase the spaces in your house, but it also makes for a modern and fashionable home.

Free the Hallways

A true test of a spacious home is to see how open the hallways are. If your hallways have too much stuff in them that one can barely walk through them, then it’s not as spacious as you might think. Hallways are practically the worst parts of the house to store your belongings in, so as much as possible, keep them in closets or other rooms. Your hallways should be open and free that it can fit more than one person at a time, depending on the width of the hall.

Install a Home Gazebo

All of your belongings don’t have to be inside your house. Don’t forget that the land your house is situated in is your own lot, which has loads of spaces you can still make use of. One of your best bets is to install a home gazebo in your backyard. These compact structures are now becoming more common, particularly because you can store some extra stuff inside them. Colorado Gazebos are some of the best for this sort of thing, which can be used either as a simple storage space or another living area/ guest bedroom that can house your extra furniture. Even better is that you can let guests stay over in the gazebo as well.

Set the Right Proportions

Achieving a spacious home is all about your furniture. The ones you buy and how you incorporate them inside your house are integral in increasing spaces. When you’re shopping for your next bed, wardrobe, or desk, it’s best to measure the room first. Make sure that whatever you buy will be proportionate to the overall size of the room. Setting the right proportions gives the illusions of space even if your rooms are practically filled with all kinds of stuff.

Mount your Furniture

If you still want a spacious home but also still prefer to have most of your belongings inside the house, then mounted furniture is your best friend. Wall closets and shelves are actually easy to incorporate in your home. They’ll also leave more space for your rooms, all while still keeping your items in check. In fact, mounted furniture is arguably easier to clean and organize than ones that are on the floor. And for an added benefit, you can arrange your mounted shelves according to color and size schemes so that they’ll be another nice design feature to look at.

Convertible Furniture

Are you the type to host several parties and dinners in your home. Doing so might require a lot of chairs for people to sit on and tables to hold the food and drinks. While this sounds like it’ll consume all your house’s spaces, think again. There are many types of furniture out there that are easily folded and converted to other uses. Such are the ones to get if you still want a spacious home amidst all your events. After every party or gathering, these same pieces of furniture can be simply folded and put away for another time, leaving loads of spaces for your home.

Get Bunkbeds

Families with multiple kids sound like it’s impossible to retain a spacious home but this isn’t entirely correct. Just because you have little ones in your house doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of spaces in it. In fact, a spacious home is required for such families so that the kids get to run around and play without bumping into something. Usually, their beds are the ones that consume a lot of space in their bedrooms. However, if you get them bunk beds, this problem is solved. Not only will you give them a more spacious room, but they’ll have fun acting out imaginative playtime on their two-story beds.

Build up Balconies and Patios

Too much furniture can be a pain, especially if you want a lot of space inside your house. Why not put them outside? Real Homes suggests building up your balconies and terraces so that they’ll be livable enough to store your other belongings. They also make for comfortable areas to spend time in, especially during the cool nights and warm days.

Increasing space in your home is not as complicated as it might seem. You just have to be very thoughtful about how you organize your stuff and decorate your house. In no time, you’ll find that, even with a lot of stuff hanging about, you’d still get the spacious home you deserve.