Stumbling upon this article is neither an accident nor a mistake. You are not satisfied with how your website is performing and are unhappy with the results, or perhaps there’s that thought at the back of your head that says that there must be a cheap web hosting provider out there that can improve your website’s overall situation.

An effective website works to promote your work and assist you to get more clients. Otherwise, what’s the point in using this powerful marketing tool, using your time and effort, if it doesn’t make your business grow and be successful?

Here are a couple of signs that that should compel you to upgrade your website (in no particular order).

Outdated look and technology used

This affects your visitors’ overall experience. Outdated sites suffer from functionality and aesthetic issues. And with the constant change of web standards that dictate new tools and technologies a good website, change is inevitable. Your clients’ tastes and preferences change constantly as well. What’s trendy yesterday may not be the next. Your business needs to adapt to succeed.

A 2-year old website may likely be far behind in both looks and functionality. It will typically have outdated codes that may slow down its speed and responses on different devices like tablets and mobiles. It might also have problems with browsers. In short, if it has been a while since your site is built, start looking for website design inspiration and connect with your preferred web development agency for advice.

You don’t have the right clients.

If your site is not pulling inquiries from the right clients you prefer to work with, then you are not positioned yourself correctly on the market. The golden rule is to curate your work. Assess the content shown on your website, remove the type of work that doesn’t work for your message, and pick the type of projects you want to do more of. This will filter items that are not a good fit for you. Ensure that your content is consistent.

Your security is compromised.

New or old, any website can be hacked. This is truly stressful, especially when you lose information or need to rebuild everything from scratch. Older websites rely on older technology, which may mean that a security breach is higher. Ensure that your hosting provider can automatically back up your site or ask for instructions on how to do it manually.

Your website loads slowly.

Your website must load within 3-5 seconds. If you’re not about your site’s load speed, you can use tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom. Poor results could mean you need some upgrading to do. Slow load speed could be caused by a plethora of reasons, including heavy unoptimized images, poorly performing themes, or most likely your underpowered hosting. Thankfully, you can transfer to cheap web hosting that doesn’t skimp on technology and thus, better speed performance.

We are not asking you to update your website just for the sake of it. A website redesign can be a complex process, but remember that your goal is to make your business flourish through this powerful tool. It exists to promote your brand, help customers discover you, and get them to buy your product, book your service, or follow your idea.