Do you plan to buy a diamond engagement ring? If you are, you should consider going for a customized ring. With so many high-end collections available in the Big Apple, it is almost impossible to exhaust all of them to find a unique ring for your spouse.

Custom engagement rings save you the hassle of shopping from one store to the next. You also have a better chance of buying a dream ring for your engagement when you design it yourself. When it comes to choosing one from among the best engagement rings, the first thing you have to consider is the cut of the diamond. The type of cut you choose determines the sparkle and fire of your ring.

You can find various shapes arising from different cuts. In this article, you will get more insight into Various cuts for your custom diamond engagement rings:

Round Diamond Cut

The round cut is the most popular of all diamond shapes. In fact, this cut represents 75% of all diamonds sold. This cut is superior to fancy shapes because the round shape maximizes potential brightness. It is a naturally beautiful shape for custom engagement rings. Round diamonds are expensive when compared to fancy shapes because of a high demand and relatively low yield from the rough stone.

Princess Diamond Cut

When comparing different types of diamond shapes for your custom ring, your jeweler will most likely recommend the princess cut. In terms of popularity, this cut comes second to the round cut. Your spouse would like to feel like a princess and it is thus obvious they would love to wear this diamond on their ring. It is the most popular among fancy cuts and is a good choice due to its flexibility.

Whatever type of ring you have in mind, this cut featuring a face-up shape, with rectangular/square sides will work for you. The princess diamonds are more affordable because their cost per carat is lower than that of round diamonds.

Cushion Diamond Cut

This cut was previously known as the old mine cut and has been around for over 200 years. It combines a square cut, with rounded corners, to give the appearance of a pillow. The large facets give the diamond more brilliance, and its distinctive look makes this one of the most popular diamonds for engagement rings. If you want to give your spouse an elegant ring that has an antique appeal, the cushion cut diamond will work perfectly for you. These stones look gorgeous and display more fires, qualities that every bride desire.

Marquise Diamond Cut

Also popularly known as the Navette cut, the Marquise cut has a regal feel and can look greater than their actual size because of its long and narrow shape. It is more of a modified brilliant-cut and boasts a rich heritage dating back to the time of King Louis XIV of France. It also has one of the largest crown surfaces compared to other diamond cuts, thus making your diamond look bigger. If you want an engagement ring that stands out, you need to consider the Marquise cut for your diamond.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut has a unique shape due to step cuts of the pavilion and a large open table. These diamonds give a hall-of-mirrors effect that imparts your ring with a unique sparkle. Even if this cut is less fiery than the round or princess cut, the long lines and dramatic flashes of light add a touch of glamour to the ring.

The Asscher Diamond Cut

This diamond cut emerged in the early 1900s in Holland. Over the years, the cut has been modified to give it more fire and brilliance than the traditional cut that was patented in 1902 by the Asscher brothers. Today, this cut is similar to the square emerald cut and features a higher crown, smaller table, and larger step facets.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

This is a modified brilliant-cut diamond and is shaped like a heart to represent love. Although it is not the most popular shape for an engagement ring, it is perfect for this special occasion. If you are looking for a diamond cut that is out of the ordinary, you should go for a heart cut diamond.

Other popular diamond cuts you can use for your custom engagement rings include the pear cut, oval cut, and radiant cut. When choosing one of these cuts, make sure to check whether it suits your partner’s style and personality, and also that it complements the shape of her fingers.