Prayer is the connecting factor between you and God. Talking with Him is a special and glorious process that allows you to become closer with your true self, the path in life, and relationship with above. Prayer keeps the ball rolling in your journey of faith and is a key component in the Catholic religion. Prayer is beautiful within itself, but did you know there are levels when it comes to praying? The more, focused, still and mindful you are during prayer, the easier it is for you to set your intentions and have the Lord receive it.

People pray for many things, that part is up to you! But getting into the headspace to fully focus on what you are saying and wanting to relay is a whole other story. Creating a stillness in the mind to focus in on your prayer can be made easier by a little organic compound called CBD.

Captured from the hemp plant CBD and added to almost any mixture or formula, CBD helps by targeting the sympathetic nervous system and brain receptors, to calm your thoughts and allow you to focus on a natural, non-intoxicating way. It has been known to also treat epilepsy, anxiety, depression, inflammatory diseases, and more because this plant molecule interacts well with our physical makeup, allowing humans to benefit in many ways from this organic substance.

With CBD doing so many great things, it makes sense now why it can be such a useful tool when it comes to prayer. Another great aspect is there are many ways to ingest it, so you can pick and choose for your specific requirements.

As a natural compound, CBD can be interjected into about almost anything. Anything you can think of: gummies, face masks, body lotion, vape pens, capsules, and even toothpicks can all be options to choose from as you set out on your mission of intentful prayer.

CBD concentrate will be easy to find as there is a large market for it – the one thing to look out for are companies and brands that mask the truth behind their products when in fact they are harvesting it poorly, are not having the third-parties test before the sale and use unethical practices for a quick cash turnaround.

There are ethical CBD companies who take pride in keeping their products fully natural and clean from unwanted additives, you just need to do a fast little check before setting out to purchase. Once you’re equipped with the facts and brands to go by, your CBD journey will begin.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to give a few pointers if you are looking for a place to start. If you want to be discreet or have CBD be your ‘own little secret,’ capsules or gummies are the places to start. No strong tastes, no odors – just take the recommended serving size and feel your body react in a positive yet subtle way.

Looking for a more outward approach because you don’t mind who sees? Vape pens or CBD tincture will be an awesome beginning point. As you begin to feel effects – add more CBD as you see fit!

Where do you pray? Whether it’s in the church, your home, or a place that means something to you, you can take along your CBD. Keep it with you and take a little before stepping out of your car to go in – it doesn’t matter because no one will know unless you tell them.

As you’re kneeling, eyes closed, you’ll begin to understand exactly what I’m talking about when I say you will feel a deeper connection in your prayer life. You’ll feel the direct connection based on the fact you are on the same frequency – your mind is cleared and dedicated to what you are speaking in your mind because your emotions will be present in your words. God listens for that…you know what I mean.

As an example, if someone is singing a song about love and they’re straight-faced. Do you really believe they’re in love? In fact, it’s probably quite the opposite. You’ll most likely be thinking that the singer wants to get away from love or have never felt it a day in their life. The same goes for prayer. If there is no emotion behind your words, God won’t feel it as much.

Though He is all-knowing, we can’t assume He’s going to give us a pass because He can tell we care. God is a teacher and wants us to put in the work where we are able to. That is when we will see the blessings upon us. He could shower us with all the gifts in the world but He doesn’t. Why? Because He wants to see an effort on our part so we will be able to receive the plan put in place for us.

If we can find an added component that takes our prayer to that next level while not giving us negative side effects and unaltered chemistry, why not take the opportunity? Outside of prayer, you’re going to begin to notice it helps in other daily aspects as well. Driving can be stressful – you’ll see that sitting in traffic doesn’t get on your nerves the way it used to.

Or family trips won’t make you on edge because your mind is decluttered and your headspace is neutral. These little moments add to a happier, more content life. CBD products are compact, so keeping them in your nightstand by your bed, car glove compartment, gym bag or work desk drawer are great places to store it! Remember to ensure your CBD company is trusted in the industry.

From there, go and enjoy this new world of CBD for yourself! You’ll begin your journey on the CBD bandwagon and you’ll see for yourself how much you’re going to enjoy it – you’ll soon be telling fellow parishioners and those around you about the wonderful benefits you’ve first-handedly experienced from the little known compound called CBD.