It‘s time manufacturing professionals start seeking real-time marketing aid. Any product or service is held to satisfy customer needs. What if these customer requirements, their styles, and needs are done directly? What if the Professionals Manufacturing units enable real-time data to capture customers’ continually increasing expectations?

Real-time marketing is being one of the tools in Manufacturing Revolution, is proving best not only for the product quality but also for the manufacturing units, its performance, machine quality, reliability, etc.

What Is Real Time Marketing After All?

Earlier, marketing plans were formulated in advance and execution was done as per the schedules fixed. However, real-time marketing expresses on the current trends of manufacturing, relevant ideas based on the immediate feedback from customers.

Although real-time marketing may seem a fancy term, it does not need much of fancy technology or any hard automation. It all can be done with the right timing, suing necessary tools like the social media and targeting the audience.

The Tools For Real-Time Marketing For Manufacturing Professionals-

There is PLC (programmable logic controllers) that aid in providing real-time data on machine quality, its reliability and performance at large. Be it the industrial filters industry or automation; every manufacturing unit is bound to benefit from the real-time marketing tools.

  • Social Media

Since a large group of customers is on social media, for your business opportunities, it is right to be on the platform too. However, in such a case, one first has to understand the niche platform.

  • Target Linkedin

As a manufacturing industry, LinkedIn or YouTube channels have higher potential as it makes you connect with your prospective contractors, wholesalers, sellers, and buyers at large. Your data analytics will be able to guide you through the process where instead of tapping every individual on a regular basis (that is time-consuming as well); joining industry-specific groups can do wonders. It helps you know who your competitors are, establish your company and create awareness of your product. Brand building is automatically done.

  • Become A Sensation On The Youtube Channel

Another way of using real-time marketing tool is to open a YouTube channel, where you can showcase how your industry functions. Write from where the material is brought to sorting to manufacturing, packing, etc. Customers want to see more of you; once they are satisfied with your business process, there is automatically a much-valued platform you receive.

  • Facebook Acts

Though Facebook may not offer you, big clients, it will provide you with the comprehensive social media plan. By sharing your instructional videos or images, unique content is bound to catch the eyes of many.

  • Mobile Friendly Experience

A site being mobile friendly is most important as most of the audience is on the mobile and they prefer sites that are mobile friendly. Give the customers a user-friendly site where they can see their cars or industrial filters being made. Offer them a different catalog to have accessibility. Smooth navigation and checkouts are all that a customer looks in for.

Benefits Of Using Real-Time Marketing

  • Immediate Satisfy Of Needs

Real-time marketing aids in giving quick satisfaction to the audience. The speed and the mobility offered by the industrial revolution have brought in changes that make every manufacturer think out of the box. Immediacy is the need of the hour and any industrialist that aces in this field, rules the field.

  • Better Connections With The Target Audience

Earlier the target audiences were known through third-party sellers. The needs and likings were recognized through a third party. But with the analytic technique put forth by Industry 4.0 has made to increase the connections of the customer to that of his manufacturer easily. Using tactics like posting happy pictures of satisfied customers brings in more bondage and goodwill. Real-time marketing helps in reaching more people, giving reminders, and provides a recall with memory.

Ways Real-Time Marketing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Professionals-

  • Use Of SPC

The Statistical Process Control helps to improve the quality continuously by using real-time data. SPC helps in knowing which production processes need the high level of efficiency and which does not. It aids in tracking and controlling the manufacturing process hence. Meanwhile, machine operators get the real-time view of the performance of the process, get a thorough inspection and take control on the trending charts.

  • Use Of ATP And CTP

Available-to-Promise and Capable of promoting are helping to convert more sales quotes and proposals. The dates quoted using real-time integration between quoting and manufacturing gives a total alignment across the business’ product line. Customers are benefitted at large as they get real information on the purchasing decision.

Closing Thoughts

By implanting the elements of Industry 4.0 mass-customization of products is possible. It provides real-time data on the processes with efficient maintenance. It is a more significant resource that offers reduced overheads. Real-time marketing has opened doors for access to new markets and supply chains. Manufacturers are also well aware of their target audiences, and so are the viewers who know their manufacturing professionals well. It’s a win situation for both the parties. If you haven’t started using real-time marketing tactics for your business needs, it’s time you start having one.