Getting anxious on the first date is actually natural. People having past experience of dating also feel nervous when they are going on a date with a new person. There are multiple reasons behind this nervousness: past bad experiences, meeting a new person, fear of ending up doing something embarrassing, not hitting up with the person, etc. Well, things can be made better by putting effort into a few things. Firstly, there is a need to eliminate stress and complications, followed by a good preparation for the date. While dating, it is necessary to impart a very strong first impression on the person you are dating.

Here is a detailed guide about tips and secrets to make your date exciting!

Choose the Right First Date Location

Choosing the right location is very important for a date. If you are aware of the activities and interests of your date, you must choose the dating venue accordingly, considering the mutual interests. Besides, it is also appropriate to choose a neutral, low-pressure place that should be calm and quiet enough to let you focus on getting to know each other and figure out the intensity of the connection. The venue could be any nice and easily reachable restaurant. The noteworthy tip here is that you must try to figure out if it could work for you before your ordered food is served. Besides, though they sound like a quiet and serene place, the parks aren’t a good dating venue, especially when you are going to date someone for the first time. Once your relationship is established, such venues can be really impactful.

Get your Preparation done for an Engaging Conversation

Striking detailed conservation with someone who is barely known is undoubtedly a nerve-wracking part of going on a first date. But there are some strategies suggested by psychologists to aid the goal. According to the studies, while preparing for a date with a woman, one must prepare for an interesting conversation starter rather than the cheesy pickup lines. Women are more attracted to intelligence, culture, and intellect; false compliments and lame humor must be avoided! Starting off with some simple questions can really hit up a detailed conversation! Listed below are the three great starters that can be used on first dates:

What’s one thing in the world that you are most passionate and ambitious about?

What’s your most beloved and important memory of life?

What’s your idea of having a perfect day?

Moreover, while talking to your date, you must ensure reciprocation. Sharing similar stories and asking similar questions keeps the conversation going and is also polite and evens the conversation.

Learn From your Past Incidents!

Sometimes, some incidents from your past relationship and dating experience keep haunting you. In such cases, instead of dwelling on the negativity, you must learn from past experiences. You must focus on what you can do to avoid any bad experience and improve your experience with your new date. You need to overview your previous dating experiences and then adopt behaviors to represent the best version of yourself accordingly. It’s always in your power to let go of what happened in the past and strike back with a full spark!

The dressing is an Important Aspect of Impression

Dressing all good and presentable is necessary for a date! You must pick up a nice and appropriate dress according to the venue and weather. Your outfit must not be too extra and not too plain or casual either. Men can pair a nice shirt with jeans, wear a watch, put on some perfume and decent shoes. Formal dressing, i.e., a three-piece suit would be too extra. As for women, a sober and sophisticated color combination is appropriate to go with on the first date. Heels and a little makeup are mandatory for women. However, flashy, glittery, and loud dressing should be avoided. Besides, comfort should also be considered while dressing up. You would not want to be uneasy during your entire date.

Pass Good Compliments

Passing good compliments upon first meeting with your date leaves a lasting impact. But one must watch out for his/her words because an overdone compliment sounds fake and flattered, which could spoil the entire impression. Refrain from exaggerating, be it a compliment or a discussion! Moreover, it is not recommended to flirt on first dates. Commenting on someone’s personal attributes sounds like obvious flirting.

Punctuality is Highly Regarded

Punctuality is highly regarded not only while dating someone but also in almost every affair of life. You surely would not want to piss off your date on the very first time you are meeting them by getting late. Besides, it is also quite unethical to make the other person keep waiting. It is, in fact, a disastrous start that ruins your impression forever. Making the other person wait ruins their mood, becomes the cause of anger, and depicts a lack of respect for the other person’s time.

Be the Good Listener

Being an attentive listener is very important, and it’s not a piece of cake for everyone. The intention of impressing the date makes one so overwhelmed and over-talkative that the realization of giving the other person a chance to talk is lost. Being over-talkative actually seems very intimidating to the other person. As for listening, passive listening does not serve the purpose and develop a connection. In order to actually keep it going and develop bonding, active listening is required; asking questions, sharing views on what your date has talked about, let the other person knows that he is being cared about, valued, and respected.

Do Not Keep Unrealistic Expectations

If you’re someone who is on the lookout for a fast-track, steamy relationship, the most important tip for you is not to keep unrealistic expectations from the person you are dating. They may have a different opinion and might be looking for an emotional connection. In this case, where commitment is something you don’t see yourself making, you can always opt for short-term intimate relationships with VIP companions.

Things do not go exactly as planned and expected, and especially when you are dating someone, things depend on the other person and the scenario, of course! It could either turn out to be amazing or could leave you disappointed. Remember, it’s not just about you. No matter how the date turned out, you have no right to make the other person sorry about it. Always end the meeting on a good note.