Have you ever dreamed about exciting, winter motorhome holidays in the United Kingdom?

There is nothing better than traveling through snowy England and feel completely free! In today’s article, you will learn the best and the most beautiful destinations for a magnificent winter trip to the United Kingdom. England may be small, but it has a lot of beautiful places to see, and winter is perfect to do it. Whether you come from abroad or if you already live in the UK and want to plan your motor-home vacation in this country, read on to discover these best, winter motor-home destinations to visit in England. On Route!

Prepare your motorhome for the winter

Traveling in a motor-home is an exciting way to get to know the world, live different adventures and to feel nature in the closest possible way. Winter is the ideal time to take motorhome trips to enjoy the snow, ski, and mountain among other possibilities. But before you will start your adventure, make sure that you have blankets and heaters to fight cold in the most complicated days. You can always fill the pantry of the motorhome with hot drinks and food to help it warm up.
In the same way, it is important to have chains at hand in case we find snow or ice on the road. If you feel that you are already prepared for motor-homing in winter, do it! What are the best winter motorhome destinations to visit in the UK?

Bath, England

Bath is always on the podium of the most “lovely” cities in England. It has practically all the requirements for a perfect, winter getaway: wide streets for walking (and driving a large motor-home!), a fascinating history, the Roman baths and the history of times when Jane Austen once lived. Bath has more than 4,500 buildings characterized by their architectural value. Interesting galleries and museums, affordable places to eat, and a wide selection of independent stores (apart from the big brands). Bath is on the famous list of UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Cape of Duncansby, Scotland

Discover the stunning north and northwest coast of Scotland until you reach John o’Groats, the northernmost tip of the largest British island. During the trip, you can see some of the most splendid landscapes in Europe. The Highlands of Scotland are filled to the brim with mountains and wild lakes, rivers, and impressive cliffs.

Grasmere Lake, England

William Wordsworth, one of the most important poets of England, was wounded in Lake Grasmere, and you can see why. The place is incredibly inspiring. The small lake and the village next to it are perfect for exploring, visiting shops and dining at its local restaurants. The beautiful places around the lake are waiting for your motorhome. Enjoy breathtaking views from your “moving house” and relax near Grasmere Lake.

Snowdonia, Wales

The Snowdonia National Park is one of the most beautiful natural sites to see in the United Kingdom. It encompasses a surface where lakes, mountains, and forests take over everything, leaving man as a mere spectator of its beauty. Why is it a perfect travel destination for a winter motorhome trip? Here you can admire the highest mountain in Wales and England, Snowdon (1085 masl), which looks stunning under the snow.

Polperro, England

Why not go to the lovely beach during winter motorhome trip?

This traditional fishing village is situated on a steep beach. Its trails are perfect for rediscovering beaches and coves. It looks amazing during the winter when snow lays on the rocks. When you are cold and want to taste delicious warm coffee, you can visit the art galleries in the port and the wonderful cafes that define the character of the city.

Bristol, England

It is a large city located in the southwest of England, known for the large number of universities that exist in the city and for its young and student atmosphere. There are so many things to do in Bristol, and it’s so beautiful, you should never get bored. If you go with enough time, it is worth investing one or two days walking around the city, discovering emblematic streets and places. In addition, at night you will have a lot of places with a good atmosphere to which you can go to take a good look.

Durness, Scotland

During your trip to the North East towards Durness, you will be impressed by the landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland but also by the beaches of fine golden sand of Durness, ideal for walking and watching the sunset. We recommend you to continue the journey by motorhome to the picturesque villages of Achiltibuie, Lochinver, and Kinlochbervie until you reach the fishing village of Ullapool. This route will guide your motorhome through the British island to discover the most significant areas in England.

South Dorset, England

If you are looking for a perfect place for motorhome holidays, this place offers beautiful landscapes, amazing seafood a lot of outdoor adventures. You definitely have to go to South Dorset. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom!

Cotswolds, England

If you are looking for a typically English place, you have to go to the Cotswolds. Its stone houses, streams, winding roads, and beautiful villages make the Cotswolds the perfect destination for a motorhome getaway within Britain. The place is not far, just two hours by car from London, and on the way, you can stop in Bath and make the most of your trip! The simple fact of touring the Cotswolds area by motorhome and enjoying the scenery is already an experience in itself, although if you go in high season, you are likely to find some tourists in the larger cities. For lunch, try going to The Old Fleece, a nearby pub that serves the typical gastro-pub menu and where every Sunday they cook a great barbecue.

Portsmouth, England

The city of the south coast is famous for its maritime history. You can enjoy a trip to the Spinnaker Tower, where the views of the city and the sea are excellent. Portsmouth is within walking distance of the glorious surroundings of the New Forest and South Downs, two fantastic places to spend the winter days.