The flower trends of 2021 can easily be summarized in one word: color! From warm terra to bright green and from dark gray to natural shades. Good base color and a big color boost for pots, furniture, and accessories give your garden or terrace the starting signal for a long, sultry summer.

The suitable flower type

To determine the right flower type for your interior, you need to look carefully at the type of room and the atmosphere. For example, in a light, open, and quietly furnished room you can often make wonderful use of a few simple branches or a few large, dried hogweeds. Is your interior a bit more colorful? Then arrange for a cheerful bunch of striking flowers, in colors that match your interior. Do you have a typical rural interior with many basic tones? Then aim your arrows at the warm autumn colors, such as orange, ocher, and brown. These shades often fit beautifully with greyed, rural colors.

Shades of gray

Is sleek and tough high on the wish list? Then dark gray is your color for 2021. You don’t have to worry that it will get too dark in the garden: the green of the plants and trees provides sufficient counterbalance and looks even more beautiful against that dark background. Light gray is the answer for a stylish and timeless outdoor space. The calm base is the starting point for any cautious colorful addition. The brick wall and the canopy give you that summer dolce vita feeling.

Also, such as a bamboo hedge, or are you in doubt about another boundary? Then read which rules you must adhere to if you have direct neighbors. Bloompost has a lot of information about these subjects.

Natural with black

Natural tones are everyone’s friends that go with every style and color. Combined with light natural colors, the garden becomes a peaceful oasis, but if you give the wall a lick of black paint, the contrast is the eye-catcher.

Do you not only want black accents in the form of pots, a rug, or a garden bench but preferably also dark plants? In this garden blog, you can read about letterbox flowers and plants that are so dark red and purple that they look like black plants. Magnificent!

Bamboo will continue to be the ideal way to bring natural tones back into the garden in 2021. The material not only gives that nice holiday feeling, it is also durable and lightweight. So pick up a bamboo lantern or side table to enjoy it indoors for the rest of the year.

Sustainability and flowers

Do your green fingers always itch and are therefore rarely able to sit still in the garden? Then those colorful garden trends for 2021 may not make your heart beat faster. But the sustainable garden trend certainly does. Because more than ever we are working on making our gardens greener. We have become more critical of what we put in the ground and increasingly choose to let nature run wild.

How do you do this in practice? By letting the garden ‘mess up’ a bit to let the natural cycle do its work. But also by choosing organic and local plants and materials. A simple addition to such a sustainable garden is, for example, a rain barrel, compost bin, or worm hotel.