Now that all stores are up and running again, it’s high time for stores to dress up again. Stores use all kinds of different products for this, all with their own logo on them. In this way, they try to get as much publicity as possible. Some of the best products you can use for this are listed below.

A simple but high-quality system

It all starts with the customer coming in and then once a customer is in, he also has to buy something from your store. You want to stand out to the customer as quickly as possible and immediately get and hold their attention. This is often done by hanging large posters or dressing the walls with something else. Stores often think that the bigger the better. But that is not entirely true, in fact, it is all about position. If you make the advertisements very large but don’t put them in a conspicuous place, they won’t be of much use to you. A good way to always have the expressions in view is by printing x-banners (translation: x-banners bedrukken). X-banners are very similar to roll-up banners but look a lot better. The simple system behind it makes it easy to set up and move the x-banner.

Before customers enter the store

Not only in the store you want to attract the customer’s attention, but also outside the store you want to reach the customer. You can do this with many different products, often this is done with products such as stickers, leaflets, and business cards. Stickers are extremely suitable for this because you can stick them everywhere and thus be seen in many different places at the same time.

Returning customers

Another important way in which you bind customers to you is by having them come back and make purchases again. The purchases that existing customers make are important because you then create a good bond with a regular customer group. You can do this by giving discounts, for example, but another creative way to do this is by wrapping the items you sell and perhaps send out with tissue paper. You can print on tissue paper (translation: vloeipapier bedrukken) and put it in a box or around a product. By printing your own personalized tissue paper you give the customer another touchpoint with your business. So you can send it along with an order, but you can also wrap products from the store in it.

With these tips, you can take advantage of the fact that all stores are open again. So make sure you create as many touchpoints for customers as possible, you can do this by using the above products.