A soul mate is a person who is closest to your heart and the one who matters more than anyone else to you. This person could be your spouse, significant other, or partner. And what better way to light up your soul mate’s face with a smile than a truly unique and memorable birthday gift? Here are some classic as well as out of the box birthday gift ideas for your special person.

  1. Designer Saree: The nine yards drape is everything that we connect with the women in our lives. This is a great birthday gift idea for your girlfriend or wife. You can get this easily delivered to your special lady’s doorstep. Personalizing them is always a plus. An elegant design that makes the saree as winsome a present as it is beautiful in symbolism would be the cherry on top. In India, the saree is a symbol of feminine strength and thus also signifies admiration on your part. You can get this birthday gift for your soul mate delivered early in the morning or at midnight with a bunch of gorgeous roses or cheerful gerberas.
  2. Indoor Plants: This is one of the best and noblest online birthday gifts that you could get this year. It is simple yet signifies deep and earnest wishes of growth, prosperity and all things good that you want to wish your soul mate who is about to turn one year wiser. They also come in pretty pots with cute messages, and you can personalize it for making this a memorable gift for life. Also, there is a lot of variety that you can choose from.
  3. Lemon Bath Bombs: Everyone works tirelessly around the year. Whether you want a gift for your multi-tasking husband who doesn’t take a single holiday from his duties or you want to surprise your hard working girlfriend when she comes back from her office, a DIY birthday gift in the form of refreshing bath bombs would be perfect. A relaxing soak in the tub is always wonderful once in a while, and it becomes even more special when you’ve made it yourself. Moreover, these are super easy to make, and the relaxing scent of lemon makes this one of the best birthday gifts ideas. There’s something to be said about a sweet memory tied with a bow in the sea of gift wrapped mementos! Add a bright mixed bouquet delivered fresh and fragrant to the doorstep of your loved one and there’s the winner for the best gift ever!
  4. Photo Tiles: There’s nothing like immortalizing memories to get your loved one skipping with happiness. Both women, as well as men, love gifts that express love and affections transparently, and these personalized gifts do just that. You would find plenty of gifts from Chennai to Gurgaon, but the best one of them all has to be the one which conveys your feelings perfectly. And photo tiles or table tops are the picks of the people when it comes to classy and trendy birthday gifts for a soul mate.
  5. Birthday Cake Surprise: Sending online cakes and gifts as a surprise is the sweetest gesture that makes your Bae stand out from the crowd and still projects him as a relatable person in front of his acquaintances, competitors, colleagues or even his boss! If his workplace rules are not too strict and if you have a good relationship with his colleagues, send a surprise cake with flowers and watch his reaction via video call. If possible, get someone to make a video of his reactions as he receives your gift. This will be a lovely memory for the rest of both of your lives.
  6. Birthday Video: If you are going to make a video anyways, why not include all your mutual friends or your darling’s friends who know him/her in and out? Friends are the second family. We share our joys, sorrow, worries, and dreams with our friends. It is impossible to imagine life without our friends, and yet we often pass up on opportunities to tell them this. Let your handsome hunk’s friends express their feelings for him via a lovely video message. All you’d need to do is to compile and edit them to present it to your significant other in a lovely way.
  7. Watches: Watches are the only accessories that stay close to the pulse and are looked at from time to time. Doctor Strange already proved the power of a personalized watch, so instead of browsing through countless birthday gift ideas, find the perfect watch that could adorn the wrist of your sweetheart. Engraving a lovely message on the back of the dial is a timeless way of expressing your heartfelt feelings.

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