Every relationship has to go through a fair share of highs and lows. Some days tides are high while other days, they are soft and pleasant. Some days you will love your partner more than the previous day while some days, you may not want to see them around you. And that is perfectly alright – you aren’t alone in this.

If you think it’s only you and your partner that are struggling through rough patches and fighting too often, knowing that it’s absolutely common might make you feel better. Every individual is different. No two people can be the same so differences are sure to prevail. But distancing yourself from your partner or giving each other a cold shoulder won’t make things better. That’s not how relationships survive. You need to go the extra mile and sometimes even out of your way for the sake of your partner and to keep your relation afloat.

If you think you’re losing your calm and this might have an impact on your love-life, you need not worry. We have listed down some useful and extremely promising advice that every couple can benefit from. Let’s get on board the ship to save your relationship.

Be Respectful and Compassionate

The best advice that you will ever get is to be respectful and compassionate towards your partner. It’s not necessary that you and your partner are always on the same page. You will have your differences. Always remember that you two are separate individuals who are joined by a relationship. Each of you will have your opinions and choices. You should never intimidate your partner with your opinions or views, You should be respectful and compassionate towards your partner and allow them to have a life of their own – as long as they aren’t compromising on their part in the relationship.

Give the Best You Can

You can only expect the best when you are giving your best. Things will be as good as your efforts are. When you are in a relationship, you need to invest your time, efforts, and emotions in it. There is no room for ‘why should I do this when they aren’t?’ If you give your best, your partner will value you and also feel they need to give their best too. A successful relationship is a two-way road and that’s what every couple needs to understand. If your relationship isn’t going well, evaluate and analyze what you are doing on your end.

Celebrate the Small Things

Don’t wait for something grand to celebrate. Celebrate small things – be it a small achievement or a tiny milestone. Nothing is really too small that can’t be celebrated. Your partner got a raise? Celebrate! You completed the week’s to-do list which you thought was too hard to pull off? Celebrate! It’s the date when the two of you first met? Celebrate! It will give you things to look forward to, add excitement to your life and keep your relationship happening and happy!

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The key to a happy and successful relationship is open two-way communication. If something about your partner is bothering you, talk it out. Don’t let things pile up because that’s only going to burden you and your relation. An emotional burden is never a good thing. The sooner you talk things out, the better you will feel. Burdening yourself emotionally will affect your willingness to do even the basic things for your partner. Can you afford that? No, you can’t because at the end of the day- it’s your partner that you have to come back home to.

Put Extra Effort

Some days, one partner may not be in the best shape and may not be able to give their 100%. If you notice such a thing with your partner, don’t complain. Instead of 100%, give 110% to cover up for the lacking on their part. You will be amazed at how significant a difference it will make! Relationships are exactly this – two people holding on to each other and keeping each other from falling.

Don’t Shy Away From Intimacy

Intimacy and sex are a reality of a relationship between two people. in fact, healthy sex life is one of the most important parts of a happy relationship and you shouldn’t shy away from it. Discuss what the two of you like, experiment, and find the route that suits both of you best. You can even use sex toys – no shame in it! You can get to know everything about sex toys here to make a more confident and informed decision.

Remember Important Dates

You will be surprised at how happy small things can make your partner. You don’t have to give your partner a fancy gift to make them happy. A simple rose on the day you guys first met will make your partner the happiest. You can even surprise them on occasions they least expect. Imagine waking up to a fancy breakfast in bed on your birthday – you’ll love it, won’t you? just like that, your partner will love it too! So, remember important dates and make them special every time!

If you have been struggling in keeping your relationship hip and happening and are looking for ways to keep it alive, following the advice listed above can really make a difference. your partner should your getaway when you are feeling down, a source of happiness and a ray of light in the dark and so should you be for them. Understand that what you desire is what they must wish for too. You are two people who are in it for the long run so make sure you don’t fall short of the efforts.