Launched in 2019, World of Warcraft Classic is an MMORPG video game. The game is crafted and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The World of Warcraft Classic is though, centered around the main version of the game, it however recreates the game from the point it was in before the launch of the game’s first sequel (The Burning Crusade).

Technical Specifications

The World of Warcraft Classic is compliant with platforms of Microsoft Windows and macOS. It offers a multilayer mode to the gamers. Its genre is MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), which makes it more interesting.

World of Warcraft Classic Has a Huge Fan Base

World of Warcraft Classic is a re-release of the World-famous stand-alone MMORPG game that has been ruling the gaming industry for more than a decade! It is a gradual evolution of the main game which hit the market in 2004, after which there has been a massive change in the digital technology and gaming world.

The game developers kept the game on pace with the changing trends and today, WoW S is the latest version which is in accordance with today’s preferences and aspects of the gaming world. Back in 2004, things were entirely different. There were no cheat sheets, no guidance, no YouTube, Twitter, etc. The only way to learn the game was by playing it. But today, gamers seek knowledge and guidance from platforms like Google, Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Even the goal of this blog post is to provide avid gamers with some tips and tricks to ace the World of Warcraft Classic!

Tips and Tricks to Win World of Warcraft Classic

Whether you are a beginner or have been playing the game since the first version, here are some aspects that you must be aware of when you log into Azeroth, and some pro tips too that would help you win in the World of Warcraft Classic.

You Must Get Bags As Soon As Possible

It is not necessary that you get to see a bag drop every time while you are on your quest. In such a case, there are two methods via which you can get bags. By using the Tailoring profession, you can craft a bag yourself. Otherwise, you can ask in the General chats or trade chats if there are any tailors who can do you the favor; if you have the required mate, you’ll find many players crafting bags for you very happily just in return for some small tip rather than a set fee. Besides, you should not get rid of the bags while upgrading, instead, you must use them for additional bank space or save them for later. Moreover, the smaller bags don’t get soulbound when you are using them so you can send those to other characters if you make any in the future.

Bag Every Thingy You Find

There is a premium bag space in WoW Classic and so is gold, but if you want to afford the Riding skill and a mount by level 40, you need to keep picking up all things that have been dropped by enemies and come along your way, no matter if doing that requires you to visit a vendor multiple time. The junk i.e., grey items are very useful as they get sold immediately without any concern, however, the use of crafting reagents depends on later conditions. You can either save these in the bank or send them via mail to your fellow characters if you want to free up some space but that costs a small fee.

You Need To Learn A Profession

If you want to make gold or craft equipment to ease your life at Azeroth, you need to learn professions. You can buy WoW Classic gold. But you must do some research before taking the plunge though, you need to know which professions would be the best for your class. For example, Skinning and leatherworking (facilitate players in crafting leather and mail gear) are the most appropriate professions for Hunters. Similarly, Enchanting and Tailoring (let the players disenchant a lot of the gear that they make), Alchemy and Herbalism, and Blacksmithing (or Engineering) and Mining, goes well along with each other.

Do Not Buy All The Skills

After every few levels, you must visit the class trainer to check which new skills are up for purchase but you should not buy everything that’s available. Again, you must invest some time in checking out particular class guides to understand which skills you should pick first to level up your game. When you’ll have more gold, you can surely play around with it and buy more skills. If you don’t have enough gold, buying WoW Classic gold can also help you a great deal!

Grouping Helps

The first ten and more levels are not that challenging and punishing and these are the levels during which grouping gives advantages, besides the players can manage grouping during initial levels. The non-elite quests could prove to be extremely painful if the players opt to do them alone and specifically when the areas are crowded with enemies. However, the fetch quests are not supposed to be done in a group form as the drop rate is most of the time low but if you can figure out your speed rate in killing things in group form, then sticking with your friends or finding a guild is worthwhile!

Proceed At Your Own Pace

World of Warcraft Classic is a whole new experience and completely different from the modern Warcraft! The World of Warcraft Classic has a quite slower pace whereas modern Warcraft is based on the content of endgame in which the players have to reach the maximum level as quickly as possible just to crack on with the current content. However, the endgame content in WoW Classic is very minimal. The actual perk about playing Classic is to keep up with the levels.

Take Some Extra Rest

When it’s time for you to log out, it is better you are in a rest area while logging out! But if you are stuck in a city or too far to travel then you can opt to stay in an inn. Staying in a rest area makes the pulse of the health bar yellow and you can log out instantly without having to wait fit for 20 seconds. Besides, this also lets you gain ‘Rested XP’, which enhances the experience by 200% that is actually gained by killing enemies.

The above mentioned WoW Classic tips are very effective in helping out players to level up! Though there have been many changes in the Classic version of the game if compared to the first version, still players can take maximum advantage of these basic tips.