Since the dawn of recorded human history, the skull and bones have symbolized death, in some societies it was a sign of death, while in others it was to strike fear into enemies and intended victims. The Inca’s recognized death as an important stage in rebirth, while pirates in the 17th century used it to represent their intentions.

Skull rings have symbolized many things over time, for instance in Victorian England it was used to remember lost loved ones, and in modern times it is used to represent five different concepts. Whilst many metals are used in jewelry since the skull is considered white, most rings are silver. Which makes silver skull rings the dominant version of skull rings found.

In fact, it was far back in ancient Greece, where Herodotus and Plato claimed it as a symbol of power. Around the 15th-century people began wearing anything that reminded them of their mortality, this included skulls, and skeletons which were designed to represent “memento mori,” which means “remember you must die.” Queen Victoria adopted the skull into her jewelry as a memento of her husband’s death, again as a memento mori. As such, all of London society took it up, since the Queen made it so fashionable. The fashion died out in the early 20th century, with millions of deaths in the trenches of WWI. It appeared briefly in WWII as the symbol of the Gestapo, but due to that, it was made “faux pas,” and only returned with the music revolution of the 60’s. Ever since the pop stars of the 60’s started to glorify the skull and bones with diamonds and songs, did this symbol make it back into society.

Concept 1: Death Symbolism
Since the most natural observation a person has when seeing a skull is death, the skull ring for many represents their relationship with death. It is a metaphor for the wearer’s perception of what the ring represents to them, and how it is viewed by others. In other words, they know it unsettles many, and as such, it is a statement of the wearer’s view on death. The skull and bones are an international symbol for the danger of death on many electricity, bio-hazard, radiation and chemical hazard signs.

Concept 2: Military Symbolism
The skull has been used in military campaigns for thousands of years. It is used to strike fear in the enemy, and the most recent wearers of skulls were the Gestapo of the Nazi regime, that used the skull to represent their order. The skull as a military or aggressive symbol can be found in gang rings as well as elite military corps, sometimes with a snake or a dagger added for effect.

Concept 3: Cycle of Life Symbolism
For many societies, death is a natural cycle of life and rebirth. Egyptians, Inca, Aztecs and even middle ages Christianity, all referred to the skull and bones as a reference to the mortality of man and the rebirth of life after death. The most obvious use of the bones symbolism today is in Mexico, on their day of the dead.

Concept 4: Symbolizing Equality
Death comes to us all, no matter how rich or famous, how intelligent, and successful. The day will come when we all die. Death is an evolutionary step and part of the natural order of things. As such, the skull and bones can be made to represent equality as defined by mortality.

Concept 5: Rebellion and Anarchy
From Pirates to petty gangs. The skull and crossbones have been used as symbols of rebellion against conformity, as well as a flag for anarchy. They are often used for projecting emotions of hate and anger. As such, many wearers of the skull and bones are considered pariah’s or unsociable. Hells Angels are a classic example of a society that is identified by the skull and bones symbol. Another rebellious group is teenagers, and it is quite common to find the theme of skull and bones in many teenagers clothing and device decorations.

Reasons to wear a skull ring
Obviously, the reason a person will choose this design is inherent in their society and environment. Age also has a factor in the stages of development, and may teenagers will wear this design as a sign of rebellion.

Skull rings design vary a lot, and there are many different designs that project different images. Also, the other facets of the wearer add to the overall effect, such as clothing, haircut, and body art.

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Some rings are extremely intricate in design, while other, being simpler can deliver a more powerful punch. Since silver skull rings tarnish, they are polished lightly, allowing the black tarnish to remain in the corners and cracks, giving a more ominous feel to the ring.

Before you dash off to buy a ring, first of all, consider the reason you want to wear it, then add the budget you can afford. While silver skull rings are common, their prices vary, and you can also find platinum and white gold rings with diamonds and other stones embedded into their design. Also, consider your message, what you want to state to yourself and those you want to see the ring.