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As competition increases, companies are trying to optimize their resources to improve their productivity which in turn will improve their balance sheet. Among the various resources that make a company function, the most important is the human resources. The reason for its importance lies in the fact that this resource is responsible for combining the other resources to produce a product which is useful for us.

The realization of the importance of the human resources that could improve the overall productivity of a company has made many companies focus on skill enhancement and personality development programs. One such program that has made revolutionary changes in the way leaders are created in an organization by tapping on their primary personality trait is the DiSC personality assessment tool.

At present there are several online personality improvement tools available that are promising you the moon, so what is it that makes the DiSC personality assessment tool such as success? Well, there are several points that make this program such an effective tool to improve the overall personality of an individual and improve his communication technique and leadership quality.

  • Provides a comprehensive solution for improving leadership issue
  • Based on rigorous scientific research
  • Different modules for different leadership requirement
  • Easy to understand
  • Stepwise solution to utilize your inherent strength to improve your decision making quality

If you are impressed by this program and like to use it to make a change in your approach to work and better your communication skills, then the next point to consider is which module you should subscribe to. At present The DiSC personality assessment tool has seven different modules:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
  • Everything DiSC Productive conflict
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leader Profile
  • Everything DiSC Sales profile
  • Everything DiSC Management Profile
  • Everything DiSC 363 for leaders
  • DiSC Classic Profile

The base of all these modules is the DiSC that has four main segments. These four segments represent the four primary personality traits that an individual can have.

  • Dominance: Outgoing, loves to accept new challenges and craves leadership position.
  • Influence: Social, loves to work in a team and desires recognition from his team members.
  • Steadiness Has a calm approach to the work and loves to help others in their sphere of work.
  • Conscientiousness: He loves details and is deliberate in his approach. Such a person always focuses on the accuracy of the result.

Among these four, the first two are considered as the personality of an outgoing person, and the next two are believed to be that of an introvert person. However, none of these personalities are in any way superior to the others.

These four traits are used to tell how a person in each of these traits will react when he or she is faced with a particular situation. And as different training module of this program is meant for different parts of an organization, the use of personality traits to act in those circumstances will also differ accordingly.

Here, we will tell you in brief about each of these personality training modules. This will give you an idea of which one you should choose that will give you the maximum benefit. You have to realize that none of this training module is superior to the others. They are just designed in such a way that they provide the most benefit for those situations for which they are designed.

1). Everything DiSC Workplace profile: This program module is designed to improve the leadership quality at the work level itself. Its emphasis on team building, effective communication between the employees, positive resolution of workplace conflicts and increasing productivity by motivating the employees.

The main focus of this module is to let the worker understand his style and that of his colleagues so that he can communicate with them better.

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2). Everything DiSC Productive Conflict: As the name of the program suggests, this program by the DiSC was created to limit and remove conflict among the team members. This is essential to create a positive environment in the workplace so that everybody can work optimally. It tells an individual about the productive and destructive conflict between different personality styles. It also tells him what his response in a conflict situation should be so that it can be defused.

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3). Everything DiSC Work of Leader Profile: This program is tailor-made for the floor managers. It’s emphasis on building the leadership qualities of the floor managers. It uses the three-step process of Vision, Alignment, and Execution to improve the leadership behavior of an individual. The main purpose of this program is to let an individual know how his behavior at the workplace is affecting his productivity and what he should do to improve it further.

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4). Everything DiSC Sales Profile: This program is made to improve the sale’s team productivity. The main focus of this program is to enable the salesperson to quickly gauge the buying styles of different individuals. This will give him the time and opportunity to launch an effective sale strategy that will sync perfectly with the buying style of the customer for a greater chance of success in selling a product.

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5). Everything DiSC Management Profile: This program is primarily aimed at the mid and top-level managers and is made to improve one to one interaction. If you subscribe to this program, then you will learn your own unique personality trait and how you should direct and delegate responsibilities among your juniors for a more positive and productive work environment. It tells how a manager should communicate with his senior and the ways he should motivate his juniors.

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6). DiSC Classic Profile: It is the basic DiSC module that tells you what is your dominant personality traits(s) and how they influence you in your workplace.

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7). Everything DiSC 363 for leaders: This is a comprehensive leadership development module that stresses on adopting any three leadership paths from 8 different paths. These three paths should be optimally synced with the inherent dominant personality trait of an individual for effective results.

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