10 Must-Have wooden Furniture at your Home


Times change but the classic beauty of wooden or timber furniture as well… eternally timeless!

If you wish to add a few exquisite touches to your home, don’t shy away from oak, mahogany, beech, or even light pine wooden items.

Wood goes with everything, and there are varieties of furniture stores online to select the suited color scheme for your interior theme. Plus, wood is long-lasting so you won’t feel the need to replace it in a couple of years.

Here are ten wooden furniture items that just wouldn’t be the same if made of any other material:

1) Captivating Coffee Table

You can leave out the bulky wooden sofas in your living space, but you will miss the utility and beauty of an elegant coffee table. A perfectly crafted short-legged, wide surface area table placed in the center of your living room can elevate the style quotient of the entire room. If you wish to make it even more unique, give it your special touch. You can add your favorite magazines or books, therapeutic plants, candles or even interesting tray arrangements. Make it fun.

2) Vintage Chest of Drawers

Storage options can innovate all they like, but the old world charm of a wooden chest of drawers cannot be replaced. As vintage returns in all its glory, a chest of drawers looks best in this enduring avatar. You can opt for a smaller 2 to 3 drawer variety but the original wooden chest has around 4 deep rows with a mix of smaller and wider drawer spaces. Teak and oak are popular choices for this item, and vintage designs often possess the distressed look. There are a variety of handles and knobs to choose from. These flexible drawer sets can be placed anywhere in your home in all their beauty and grandeur. So, go ahead and flaunt it.

3) Dependable Baby Crib

If you are welcoming a baby into your home, don’t think twice about how you can make your home more comfortable and safe for the tiny tot. A wooden baby’s crib is a cherished item that can be utilized and then handed down to other deserving babies. Wood options for a good, sturdy crib range across maple, birch, oak, cherry, and mahogany. Some modern varieties also utilize pine, but if your baby’s crib is not wooden, then it’s not a genuine crib.

4) Essential Study Table

Whether you’re a parent who works from home or you have children that need the motivation to study, a solid wooden study table is ideal. It can be built or bought with shelves, drawers, a sliding keyboard drawer or it can be a plain table with a clear, unobstructed surface to keep books, sheets of card paper, geometry tools, or even large maps. Wood is essential for study tables as it can take the weight and there’s no danger of tipping over or breakage.

5) Stunning Shoe Stand & Racks

Nobody expects a shoe stand to be attractive. In fact, we dread opening the shoe storage and are always looking for better ways to disguise everyday footwear. Wooden shoe racks are the ideal way to store daily shoes and sandals without them looking like an eyesore. You can enclose your shoe stand with doors to make it look like a compact wooden cupboard. Alternatively, you may design unique shelving options such as slanting planks, octagon-shaped compartments or shelves with partitions between shoes.

6) Versatile Workbench

If your family consists of creative, handymen (or women) or if you need a table for a child’s craft activities, consider a good sized wooden workbench. This table can be placed in an open area like a terrace, big balcony or garden, or even in a separate ‘Activities’ room. If there is heavy machinery like drills and saws to be used, a wooden surface with a strong box-shaped compartment below or wide powerful wooden legs is the safest alternative.

7) Durable Closet

A sound set of wooden closets or cupboards will give a sense of warmth to your bedroom while providing ample space for your prized and personal items. This is an opportunity to utilize long-lasting teak or oak planks with a natural luster finish to give a grand, old school look. Even if you decide on light, modern beds or tables, a durable wooden closet may be the only thing your bedroom needs to infuse that homely feeling.

8) Handy Stools

It always helps to keep an assortment of small, medium or big sized wooden stools. Many people are opting for bar stools around their compact dining tables to save space and offer an unconventional look. So, get trendy with wooden stools. Dense wooden stools are safer than light ones as they don’t tip over easily and are comfortable to sit on for long periods due to their malleability.

9) Classic BookShelf

If you love books, you will not be able to resist a classic book racks & shelf. People use birch or maple for their bookshelves. You may cover it with veneer plywood for a smooth finish but make sure that the actual structure is of good quality wood. Wood keeps your books safe and moisture free. You may stack as many heavy books as you want in a wooden bookshelf without having to worry about it collapsing under the weight.

10) Dining Table and Chairs

If dinner time is cherished in your home, a lovely wooden dining table and chair set are absolutely necessary. Families and friends that eat together stay together. With an elegant wooden dining table and matching dining chairs, you and your loved ones can spend hours at it eating, sharing, talking, and playing board games. You can be sure that your dining table survives as long as your valuable memories do.