The continuous evolving of technology resulted in big tech companies joining small companies in the timepiece market to dabble with smartwatches and integrate new features. The number of innovative smartwatches is increasing every year that it can be quite hard to choose a smartwatch incorporating good style, fitness, and function for you.

You have to consider the overall style, features, and functionality of the watch because not every smartwatch performs the same, making sure what you buy is bang for the buck. You also have to put into consideration the reliability and comfortability of the smartwatch you’ll be buying to know whether or not it’ll be worth using for a long period of time.

Choosing a smartwatch by knowing its uniqueness in terms of features, reliability, comfortability, customizability, and user-friendliness to make the watch promising. If you’re into the latest trends of technology and have significant interests in timepieces, you can have a hard time choosing the smartwatch for you since they can be quite similar.

Thus, take heed because here are promising smartwatches to satisfy the interests and needs of tech-savvy watch enthusiasts.

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Samsung Gear S3 Classic

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is a smartwatch integrated with elegance and sophistication that retains the essence of having a timepiece. The overall design of the Gear S3 Classic makes it seem like you’re wearing a luxury timepiece. The overall design comprises of a black leather watchband and a silver case that makes it appear like it’s a real watch.

Unlike the Gear S3 Frontier with the black case and rubber watchband, the Gear S3 Classic got its Classic name due to the leather watchband that makes it look like a dress watch. In addition, you’ll also be able to see the simplicity of the watch due to its minimal, refined look that you’ll usually see in people matching their watches with their black-tie attire.

The way the Gear S3 Classic has been designed and developed by Samsung was to give tech-savvy watch enthusiasts the appearance and feel of a premium watch on an advanced smartwatch. Despite the premium watch appearance and feel, the Gear S3 doesn’t lack on the technological innovation aspect of the smartwatch.


The technological innovation of the Gear S3 Classic starts with the design of the watch due to the bezel, button, and crystal that makes it completely easy to use. But, the innovation of the Gear S3 Classic doesn’t stop there, the Always-on Display or AOD feature of the watch makes it look and feel like you’re wearing a luxury watch such as the Omega Speedmaster.

The Always-on Display feature of the watch has 15 preloaded designs of the watch face and still has more varieties of design which can be seen by accessing the Gear App store. Further, the Super AMOLED display of the Gear S3 Classic is an essential contributing factor that makes the watch face appear like it’s a genuine watch.

In addition to freedom of customizing your own watch face with different types of designs, you also have the freedom to change the watchbands depending on your liking. Since the Gear S3 features a 22mm black leather watchband, you can remove it and swap it out with different types of leather and color to fit your style and personality.

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Unique Features

The technological advancement of the Gear S3 Classic doesn’t make it promising due to its overall design, appearance, and feeling, but, also the unique features. The unique features of the Gear S3 Classic start with the ability to take and make calls, check voice messages, and the alarms you’ve set on your phone from your wrist without the need to take out your phone.

The Gear S3 Classic also has a built-in GPS to track your activities and even know the directions of the places you’ve never visited to keep you from getting lost. The fitness features of the watch consist of Altimeter, Barometer, and Speedometer that lets you track your data for any type of exercise and workout.

The Altimeter and Barometer also notify you if any changes occur with the atmospheric pressure of the place you’re in. The reason for this is so that you won’t get caught up with the bad weather or sudden weather changes.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is another smartwatch that is a force to be reckoned by tech-savvy watch enthusiasts because it’s packed with innovation. The innovation of Series 4 starts with the bigger display, which is a massive leap from the previous size of Series 3.

In addition, the battery life of Series 4 has also been enhanced that will make it last for almost half of the day with all of the features turned on and the brightness at max.

The internal features of the watch also became faster at everything due to the Bluetooth 5.0 and S4 processor. Bluetooth 5.0 and S4 Processor made the Apple Watch Series 4 more responsive and have a smoother transition with opening every app without experiencing any delay.

The Apple Watch Series 4 also has a large storage system by having 16GB worth of storage to hold massive numbers of music compared to the 2GB storage of the previous series. In addition, the watch also has a Fall Detection feature that notifies everyone marked as an emergency contact if ever the watch detects you’ve experienced a hard fall.

The Fall Detection feature will not only notify your emergency contacts but will also call for an emergency that provides your exact location. The built-in GPS feature has also been improved to make sure that you’re location will be provided to keep you safe and let the emergency responders get a hold of your exact location with ease.

But, the Fall Detection will not automatically work its unique feature whenever you’ve had a hard fall. There will be a display that pops up to confirm whether or not you actually fell or if it’s just the watch that fell. Thus, preventing any false alarms with the emergency respondents or your emergency contacts.


The Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Apple Watch Series 4 are only a few watches packed with technological advancements and innovative features. Tech-savvy watch enthusiasts can still choose other types of smartwatches but, will not be as advanced as the two promising smartwatches mentioned above.