Have you wondered why your company orders custom T-shirts or those custom coffee mugs every time there is some event? Why do the marketing experts all over the world still consider the promotional products a power to reckon with? Is it just because everyone is doing this? Or simply because you need a product on which you can get the name of the brand and the logo imprinted?

When you have to ready reports and presentations to give on a daily basis, the thought of promotional products would be somewhere deeply buried in one corner of your brains. But what if you find a sure shot way to double the returns on the investment that you made on the promotional products and generate most of the business leads for your company? Well, today we are going to discuss the top five ways of doing so, but before that, let’s understand what is this hullabaloo about lead generations.

A lead can be defined as an individual who has displayed interest in your brand, product, services or company in any form. The process of attracting the strangers towards your brand and converting them into prospective leads is known as lead generation. Now, you would be wondering how promotional products fit the scenario! Earlier, promotional products were considered as the branding tools; there is not even an iota of doubt in this fact, but who would have thought of lead generation through these products? After going through this post, you would love to rename these products as lead generation tools. If you want to give your annual ROI of promotional products a boost, then learn with us how to strategize them and how to generate leads. Now, let us go back to the ideas of using promotional products for lead generation.


  1. Establish a Visible Connection with the Digital World and Promotional Products

Gone are the days when promotional products were the simple, tangible products. Now they have entered the digital world as well, making it easier for the companies to connect to the mode of online lead generation and using the physical promotional products for marketing. One of the best promotional products in this scenario and is doing exceptionally well is a digital reward. These digital rewards are the latest and unique way to deliver the branded promotional products about the prospective leads. Moreover, these promotional products are something they are looking forward to receiving.

Most of the times, such kind of digital rewards include a ‘gift card’ along with the link to the associated landing page of the website where the gift card can be redeemed. Prospects who are receiving these gift cards would visit the website of your company to redeem the same. As a company, you get all the necessary details of the prospective client, and they get the reward. The digital method helps to keep a track record of the leads, and the prospective clients find new ways to contact you in the future.


  1. Create Categories for the Successful Leads

Whenever any company attends a business expo or trade show, giveaways are definitely used. But here the quality of the giveaways are generally average due to the large quantity as these are supposed to be given to anybody and everybody. Now, let us refine this strategy to ensure a successful lead and to find if you are a good catch or not. Create various categories of promotional products as well that would help you to create strong bonds with the prospective clients. Let us explain it in a better way; whenever an attendee visits your booth at a trade show, thank them with the general promotional product, but if they show the inclination towards the special category, pitch them to provide you the specific information that is vital for you such as mail id, their organization, designation, etc. And if you think that they can be a great client, you can use more high-end products.


  1. Follow an Outbound Approach

How do you distribute the promotional products? Obviously, you wait for the prospects to come to you. But why to waste time in waiting when you can always opt for an outbound approach and reach your prospects. How? Send the people with whom you want to do business with your high-quality promotional products. This is one of the most successful strategies where you reach out directly to your prospective clients and convey your message to them with a nice and thoughtful promotional item. It’s possible that some of them may have hesitated to work with you in the past, but here the focus is to engage these people with you. Once you are successful with this, you can easily convert them into a lead. Want to make your outbound approach more successful? Wrap the approach with a well-defined campaigns.


  1. Give Your Sales Team the Power of Promotional Products

For once, we need to stop thinking of the promotional products as simple marketing tools that you simply give to anybody and everybody. There are studies out there that clearly display that these freebies make people happy and if you want to enhance the impression of your company among the audience, promotional products are there to serve the purpose. Keeping this in mind,  why not use these products to empower your sales team? They can use these products during the entire sales process. If you are looking forward some of the highest value and high revenue yielding leads, it is better to invest in some high end and high-quality promotional products when your salespeople are about to close any deal. The leads that are still in the first phase of the sales process go for promotional products that are more useful to the individuals. Use these items to say thank you when there is any positive response from the lead’s end.

That being said, the next time when there is any discussion pertaining to promotional products, think them as lead generation tools, rather than simply marketing tools. These are one of the most creative ways to bring a twist in the marketing and sales strategies. Think outside the box and increase the ROI over these promotional products.