Graphic designers are perpetually in demand for creating a large variety of design things. Right from Image Editing to Illustration, there are vast potentialities of employment in designing business. Rather than depending on the daily job, begin your freelance graphic designer career is more effective. There are lots of design opportunities you will be able to discover and earn additional.

If you have planned to start your career as a freelance graphic designer. Supposing that, we will support you by providing some essential ideas to create your own position in this great field.

But before that, you have to feel some real facts. Like, it is not guaranteed to start own graphic design freelancing will have no risk.

Some life conditions, though, reduce the risk. For example, it is not much risk to start your own business if:

Your family is not entirely reliant on your current income.

You have savings or extra income you can use while growing your Graphic Design business gradually.

You have already a few clients who are giving you a few projects and will increase the volume shortly.

Below steps will help you to start a career as a Freelance Graphic Designer,

The meaning of Graphic Design

Firstly, we have to understand what do we understand by Graphic Design. Graphic design is a way to convert ideas into the visual and textual format. Graphic Designers use lines, shapes, fonts, colors and other tools to create a visual look. These are the basics of Graphic Designs. Expert Graphics Designers works in more elaborately and gives a professional visual look.

An expert Graphic Designer always plans unique designs. The goal of planning a design is to convey an organized message to the audience. The quality of a good designer always depends on conveying a brand message effectively.

Clear instruction always brings an accurate output. Graphic Designers always try to analyze clients’ business types before starting to work. For branding like Logo Design, Business Card Design, it is very much important to know the business type. This is also a designer’s responsibility to find out a background of the client’s targeted audience and create the design base on that.

Above all information are important to create the right design. As an example, if a brand’s planned message is connected to gladness and enjoyment, then yellow can be the perfect color. Or if a brand’s core values are aggressiveness and passion, then the designer can choose the red color. The choices of style, colors, fonts, etc. depending on the client’s profile also.

Types of Graphic Design Services

Now you have ideas about Graphic Design work. Then, see the types of Graphic Design Services a designer is supposed to handle. Normally Graphic Designers offer Clipping Path, Shadow effect, Mirror effect, Photoshop image masking, High-end photo retouch, photo manipulation, Photo restoration service, e-commerce solution, Vector conversion, Logo design, Desktop publishing service and many more.

Generally, Graphic Design works can be categorized into 7 types- Photoshop Image Editing, Illustration, Raster to Vector, Branding, Advertisement, Social Media Pages and Web Template design.

Clients can ask for any type of work to do. Designers must be choosing the project as per own interest and expertise.

Obtain Skills

Now you know what is Graphic Design and Type of Graphic Design, now have to require skills. For every profession has to learn skills, Graphic Design has no exception. To learn Graphic Design there are two options; you can get a formal education from an institution. Or you can become a self-learner.

The facility or formal education will fetch you a certificate. It is good for creating a solid basis. But formal education is not compulsory. Enthusiasm and interest for design are the matters in the end.

If you have a sharp viewpoint for the design that is important for a Graphic Design career. Hard work and dedication can make a place in this field. Here the important issue is that you have to learn everything about Graphic Design.

Also, remember that you should be prepared to invest your time and money for getting success.

Choosing A College

If you want to join college learn Graphic Design, then preferable to go to local community college. Or you can join an online college. This is also a great option. California Institute of Arts and Technology ( is one of the best choices to get design education from home.

The benefit of formal education is that helps you to become confident. This is because from experienced teachers you get the education and guideline. After completing this course, you will have a clear knowledge of Graphic Design work.

Proper education from an institution will train you with the desired set of skills. You will learn both the basics and advanced level work. It will help you to challenge critical tasks like Desktop Publishing Services. You will also learn to analyze design work.


If you do not have enough time or not interested to invest money for community college, then self-study is the best option. Do not waste your time in hesitation, just sit behind the computer and start learning your design lessons.

Clients do not ask anytime to show an academic certificate. They make the offer to base on the quality of the previous work and experience. They are interested in quality work not in the educational background.

To impress clients, it is important to create portfolios with excellent design work samples.

For self-development start reading different types of design books. Follow and get motivation from iconic Graphic Designers’ works. Try to compete for their design style as per own expertise.

When you know your design basics and familiar with Adobe design programs, then you have to focus on a specific area of design. Like, you can target to start advance level work on creating web template design. Or you may be interested in High-End Photo Retouch, Photo Manipulation or Photo Restoration Services, etc.

You must update your design samples on the online for clients. An audience targeted portfolio really helpful to get projects.

Uses of Tools

To start Graphic Design Business some essential tools you must need. Bellow is the list:

  • High configuration computer. Must have a dependable computer such as a Mac or a PC to download and run design programs.
  • Adobe Programs. These programs are essential for Graphic Design work. So, download and set Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Adobe In-Design. This is used for creating scalable Illustration, Booklets, eBooks, Logo, Magazine Cover Design and Web template.
  • Pantone Color Matching System. Color matching is a vital part of Graphic Design work. Pantone Color Matching System is really useful for maintaining the constancy of colors in printing material. This also helpful for ensuring color constancy in the web template design
  • Scanner and Printer. For Desktop Publishing Services you will need Good quality scanner and printer. By using these devices, you can test your designs for print quality before sending it to clients.

How to Get Started Freelancing

When you know about Graphic Design then know the ways to start Freelance Graphic Design Career. Here you have to put your design knowledge into practice.

First, explore a few freelancing sites like (, ( There are many other marketplaces where you will find plenty of design jobs. You can start bidding and complete work from home.

Also, you can explore crowdsourcing sites to start design work. There are many Graphic Design platforms where design work is available from business owners. You will find different types of work like Image Editing, Photo Manipulation, Photo Restoration and others.

Working in Market Place is just for the supportive purpose. Your main target has to be running a Graphic Design Portfolio Website. And rand the site on Google’s first page. Then potential clients will visit the site and if impressed, be sure you will receive a large amount of Design Projects. Such as the Website is your identity and helps to win the trust of clients.

Besides this, you may start Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Via Email, you are able to connect directly with your valuable clients. And Social Media sites and Forum sites will help to grow up your network and community. Building a network is the best way to get valuable clients.

Freelance Graphic Designing can be a bright option for your career. But you have to prepare yourself in the right way. Prepare yourself with all the basics of Graphic Design. Then, build your portfolios in Market Places and Social Media Sites. Get Google rank with your website and create a client list gradually. Start to present yourself in front of clients with your best quality.