Internet has really brought the world closer. Whether you want to buy t-shirts for men, book amovie ticket, talk to your loved ones across the globe or many other things that were unimaginable a few decades before.

The Internet has literally taken over the world, but still, there are numerous interesting and unique websites which are left unexplored. Sometimes taking a break from your usual websites are must explore or to relieve your stress and relax while we work. The internet is like a different set of a world filled with amazing and unique stuff where you can buy affordable art online in India or can look around for the funny t-shirts. Here is the list of few websites which will not disappoint you if you have the knack to explore interesting stuff out there online:

  • Child’s Own – It is a website which could work as a magic pencil for your child. If your child is fond of drawing, then whatever character he/she will draw, that can turn into a real soft toy.

You just have to send the drawing to this website via mail and their team of artisans will explore fabrics, colors, and shapes to bring life to your given picture.They were inspired by the imaginations of kids around the world.

  • Demos Algorithmia – A great website to give colors in two clicks to a black and white image. By just clicking on upload, you can upload a black and white picture on this website, within seconds it will fill colors on its own to the given desired image. Really useful for some old family photographs, right?

  • Internet Live Stats–This website will show you the real-time status of various online platforms. It’s up to you whether you are interested in Live status or you want to know, what is happening within just one second on different platforms. For example, you can check how many tweets sent within 1 second or how many Instagram photos uploaded within 1 second.

You can have the status of Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Youtube, Tumblr, Google, Emails, GB. And other than this, you can also check the stats of the Internet users per country, total number of websites, Google searches and many more.

  • Two foods – Two foods helps you when you are confused between two food items. You just need to enter both the food items of your choice. Two foods will compare their calorie intake, carbs, fat, protein and will let you allow to choose one according to your health. It is an instant food comparison website.

  • Hivestory – The website where you write your story and every member of hivestory can contribute words or vote for them to create and shape infinite possible story threads. The top ranking story is displayed on the top of the website. Also, contributors receive points when contributed notes receive the vote from others.

  • GETART – Getart is a website for digital artists to monetize their artwork by selling their designs on pretty cool items like you can buy graphic t shirts online. People can buyphone covers& unique notebooks apart from other products as well!

  • Level up Life–It is a unique website which allows you to track your daily achievements and the successful completion of any task will add points to your accounts. There are many categories to choose from, such as Carrier and finances, fitness & health, food & cooking, fun etc. You can choose anyone and start working on it. This website motivates you to achieve your tasks.

  • Free Rice– Your one correct answer can reduce the hunger of a needy. This website was designed in collaboration with the World Food Organization where you just have to answer correctly to the given questions. It was named as Free Rice because one correct answer is equal to 10 grains of rice given to the organization who further donate them to needy people.

  • Chordify–An amazing website which will help you to play your favorite songs over guitar by making you learn the chords. You just need to upload the link of your favorite song, the website will recognize the chords and provide the most accurate one for you.

  • Patatap – Yes, you have heard it right. This website lets you create your own music by tapping the random keywords on your desktop or laptop. Other than music, you could also add color and movements depending on the button you press.

  • My fridge food – It is a great website which can help you to prepare a meal out of all the foodstuff you have left in your fridge. It would give you the best possible combination of theavailable food. You need not worry anymore if your mom is not home.

  • Madeon–Madeon is a place where you can create your own DJ by clicking on the different – colored squares. Blue square indicates Drum Loops, Red Indicates Bass Loops whereas Green squares are the sounds. In red and blue color square, you can only click one square at a time, and in green, three can be clicked together. Now by clicking random squares of each color, you can have a great experience on this website.

  • Timelapse – It shows how a place has changed over a period of three decades through a series of satellite images from google maps. You can use the “Explore our World” link to watch the timelapse of any location on the planet. You should give it a try once.

This was a small collection of interesting and unexplored Websites which you might not have heard of but they are useful, fascinating and unique. So, other than searching your regular search engines, you should also look for some new and interesting content.