After a refreshing bath, the robe should be comfortable and suitably warm to make the morning complete for the day ahead. You may be looking for yourself or want to surprise a friend with a classic and luxurious robe as gift – there are things to be checked and confirmed to ensure you make the best choice. Variation in styles and fabrics offer a great range to suit your perfect mind, as well as the choice could vary depending on the age and personality of the person in context. Here are some tips to help you buy the best robes for the whole family.

The Fabric

The choice of the fabric depends a lot on the intended purpose of the robe. In case you want to use the robe as a replacement of the towel after the bath or shower, you have to go for more absorbent terry cloth. If you look for an extra-plush bathrobe, you should go for the designs made from Egyptian cotton. Airy cotton or a silk robe is better suited for the summer time as these are lighter to wear. For winter days, chenille or fleece made long robes wrap you better with warmth.

The Color

There are a range of variation to choose from and the perfection emanates from your personal choice, also the questions of how and where you are going to use the robe matter greatly. If you are a stylish man and want to hang out wrapped in a sophisticated robe, navy blue and classic white would do the best, while black, brown or pinstriped styles could do the job as well. In a sage or burgundy – the best suit would be the chenille bathrobe. For a gorgeous woman, the robe should be light green, light blue, cream or pink in colour. A red or teal coloured terry cloth bathrobe would make the perfect look with sophistication for a perfect woman.

Right Size And Stylish Design

During the cold mornings of chilly autumn and cool winter, an ankle-length bathrobe made from microfiber could be the best suit for both men and women. As well as, because of the sufficiently warm gesture of these robes, they can act as a perfect gift during the chilly months. A knee-length bathrobe is a better suit for the summer months, a mid-calf length robe can be a good size too in the warmer mornings. At a spa or swimming pool, the appropriate size is the length between the knee and calf as it is long enough to give you the coverage, a microfiber robe would be a better suit because of the absorbent capacity. For a perfect bridal shower gift, a short silk robe that hits the mid-thigh length could do the best with the appealing look. Plush Necessities Bathrobes are known for their attractive designs and styles. This can be the starting place for your search for quality bath robes online.

Something That Suits Your Personality

To make a unique gift with the robe, you may look for a men’s robe carrying the logo of the favorite sports team or car and a women’s robe might be embroidered with her initials or favorite flower. Look for pockets or hoods etc. to make it more suited to the personality. Personalize the fabric and colour by matching your innate choices.