Your anniversary is a very special event, and you can make it even more memorable with a unique experience like a boat cruise on The River Thames. This boat cruise will help you to explore London and its iconic sights with your loved one beside you. You can even host a small anniversary party on board with find drinks and food. The booking process for these boat cruises along the River Thames is simple and conveniently done from the comforts of your home.

Enjoy London with your special one

Credible websites like ensure that you get affordable and high- quality boat cruise packages for your anniversary or any special event in London. You will find that the service providers take your comfort and convenience into highest priority. They entertain you with live music, and you can make your anniversary memorable for years to come. You can speak to the friendly staff here and make arrangements for flowers and other decorations that will make your loved one happy.

Sail past the historic sites of London

Your boat cruise will help you sail past the historical sites of London and help you to see them up close from the River Thames. Both you and your special one will be treated to informed commentary on these landmarks while you pass through them. You get the chance to see The Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The Millennium Dome, The Tower Bridge, etc. in peace from the comforts of your boat. Your boat will have a closed restaurant so that it protects you from weather elements that might spoil the day or the evening if open. The boat restaurant is also air-conditioned, and so if you are celebrating your anniversary in summer, you do not have to worry about the scorching heat at all!

Menu and food

The houseboat restaurant provides you with an extensive menu of good food and drinks. This means you can choose from an assortment of delicious meals to make the day or night enjoyable. In case, you plan for a small party; it is prudent for you to book your seats and tables in advance. This will help you get the best seats for your big day. The guests will be delighted with the live music and delicious meals that are served.

The booking process for boat cruises is simple, and you just need to log into the website of the service provider. Ensure that you choose service providers that have a good name and repute in the market. They will take care of your needs and ensure you get quality food and service on board. Once you have chosen the service provider to brief them on any special arrangements, you would like to have when you are celebrating your anniversary with your loved one. Besides anniversary celebrations, you can also use these boat cruises on the River Thames for birthdays, fine dining dates, corporate events and lots more. Contact the service providers and ask them any concerns and queries you might have before booking!