Modern technology has increased to a whole new level, and things keep on changing on a daily basis. There are so many new additions in this field of surveillance system too, which helps manufacturing units to address some new moves on a daily basis. The entire procedure of the video surveillance system is now addressing all new PIR Sensor along with the PIC Microcontroller as two of the major technologies infused with the old self. For a better understanding of the technical new additions and the old surveillance camera, you have to learn more about the technologies first and right from the core.

First stop is the PIR sensor:

A PIR sensor is also known as Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor of the video surveillance system Philadelphia. It is an electronic sensor, which helps in measuring infrared or IR light as radiating from the human or objects in the current field of view. The normalized sensor emits radiation, but in this sensor, it helps in detecting the radiation in question.

  • All the current objects which comprise of a temperature above absolute zero will always emit heat energy in the current form of radiation. Most of the time, this radiation is not visible nakedly by the human eye as it radiates at quite infrared wavelengths.
  • But with the help of the PIR sensor, the infrared can easily be detected by the electronic devices. These items are mainly designed for just detecting the current human movement.
  • This current PIR sensor will always range around 20 feet or 6 meters. This sensor is also promisingly designed for identifying some of the slowly changing conditions, which might take place normally as the day progresses and also with the change in the environment. However, it might responds by just making the output whenever sudden changes take place like when you have a motion.
  • This kind of design is primarily designed for indoor use mainly. Operation anything outside or in quite a high temperature might affect the stability in a negative way. Because of the high sensitivity of PIR, it is not recommended to be used in rapid environment changes or strong vibration shock.

Then you have PIC Microcontroller:

PIC is mainly the family of the Harvard architecture microcontroller, which was developed using Microchip technology. It is primarily derived from the PIC1650 as developed by the Microelectronics Divisions. The name mainly refers to the Peripheral Interface Controller.

  • PIC is noted to be popular with the Hobbyists and industrial developers mainly because of their lower cost and a wide range of availability.
  • It is also known for its availability of the low cost or just free development tools available with the lot.
  • It further comes with the serial programming or the current re-programming with the current flash memory capability in question.

It is really important to know more about the options before jumping into any kind of conclusion. Things will definitely turn out to work in your favor when you have the best surveillance camera by your side.

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