Moving to a new city or state brings a lot of new decisions you need to make. One of the first things you need to deal with is finding the right neighborhood and the right home. And the most important question about it – should you rent or buy a home in the new city? Especially if you are moving with your family, or plan to have one soon – dealing with this important question is a must. Relocation to North Carolina brings you multiple options; you just need to choose the right one. Let’s see is it better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina, and what is the best choice for you.

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Should you rent or buy a house in North Carolina – is it that difficult to decide?

Dealing with housing decisions can be tough. It involves long-term changes, financial challenges, and relocation-related stressful situations. Moving to a new state or city involves changing your job, leaving your family or friends, and other emotional challenges. However, the time comes when you need to act like a true adult and do what you have to do. Let’s see how you can decide if it’s better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina.

Take a look at finances first

When looking at your housing options, the first thing you do is check your finances and the costs of the desired location. North Carolina gives us an interesting situation – the monthly rent is more expensive than a monthly mortgage. The difference is not huge, yet it’s not insignificant either. The typical monthly rent in North Carolina is $1175, whereas people pay $1050 for their mortgage on average. Considering that fact, one would think that it actually pays off to simply buy a home. But is it really like that?

Renting a home in North Carolina – what are the advantages?

There are several reasons why you should rent a home in North Carolina. Here are some of them:

  • it’s not a waste of money – most of the time, the first reason why people don’t want to rent is they feel it’s a waste of money. Of course, you’re not investing in your own home, but it pays the space you live in and that is a valid reason to do it, right?
  • You have more freedom – if you are not sure is it better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina, you should definitely rent then. Renting a home gives you more freedom and flexibility – you can change your house whenever you want. Bad neighbors, expensive rent, lack of space – move on to another house/apartment.
  • fixing things is not something you need to worry about – renting a home means less stress about broken things and leaking pipes, you just need to contact the landlord.
  • you actually can afford it – if you have a bad credit rating, or you’re paying another debt/loan, it’s not time to purchase a home yet.

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Figure Having your own home is great, but can you do it? is it better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina – the question of many?

Buying a home in North Carolina

Many people dream of purchasing the home, and when the time comes, it’s absolutely a great idea. Here are benefits of buying a home in North Carolina own place:

  • investing in your own mortgage – if you are paying a certain amount of money each month, why should it be some other person’s loan? When you purchase your own home, you invest in your own property without the feeling of wasting money on rent.
  • freedom to do what you like – after purchasing a home in North Carolina, you can finally have a dream-come-true: you now have the ability to decorate and landscape according to your preferences and ideas.
  • you can reduce your taxes
  • the factor of privacy – you can do whatever you like in your home, without the fear of landlord coming by and disapproving of certain changes and decoration in the property.
  • stability – having your own home gives you a feeling of stability and peace. You don’t need to worry about sudden relocations, various roommates, etc.

Small town or a big city – where to invest?

If you are wondering is it better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina, you also need t think about the specific housing market you want to move to. NC consist of many smaller towns, so many people are not sure if investing in a small town is a great idea. Well, moving to a small town has its benefits.

First of all, it’s more affordable. The cost of entry can be much lower in a small town than in a bigger city. The difference can be huge – house prices can vary in thousands of dollars. Also, the renovation costs and materials are much more affordable in smaller towns in North Carolina.

Next – you can buy a home more easily. For example, if you want to move to a new home in Morrisville, you will fight less competition than if you’re moving to Charlotte or any other bigger city. So if you are for a more peaceful and stress-free home purchase, choose a smaller town to move to.

And finally, it’s less complicated. Smaller towns have fewer restrictions and rules in terms of renovation, which includes less paperwork as well.

is it better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina, the city of Charlotte

Figure Living in a big city can be exciting, but choosing a smaller town has its benefits, too.

Move wisely

Whatever you choose as your housing options, you need to think about the relocation as soon as you make the decision to move. The most important step is to do everything you can to stay safe during the renting/purchasing and moving process. It is very important to hire people who can trust, especially the real estate agent and the moving company. Finding reliable movers is not that hard to do if you take the right steps. This way you will ensure a quick, yet a safe move for you and your family.


The correct answer to the question “ is it better to rent or buy a house in North Carolina?” can only be given by you. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just about the perfect timing. Take a closer look at your financial situation, as well as your career and family, and choose what’s best for you. Have a safe move!