When we welcome a dog in our life and family, we don’t think about the moment when we will say goodbye. Time seems to have a different dimension when our companion is just a pup. It soon becomes a member of our family, loyal and loving, and always happy and excited to see us, even if we just went missing for a few minutes.

But, unfortunately, the Universe made us live longer than the creatures we love and cherish the most. So, years pass by quickly, and our four-legged best friends grow old and, in most cases, get ill. Before we even know it, we need to get ready to part with them, in spite of our ardent desires to have them around for just a little longer. For very many dog owners, losing their dogs is very much like losing a family member. Such moments are incredibly difficult, and the only comfort you may have is the fact that you did your best to make your companion’s last days be as pleasant as possible.

Getting over the loss of your pet takes time, and you need to be aware of the fact that you will need a period to recover. It is normal to feel this way, so don’t deny your feelings. To make this sad event easier to bear, here are some aspects that will help you move on in a more comfortable manner.

It is okay to feel grief, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

You had the dog with you for so many years, so it is normal to suffer and feel pain now that it is gone. Don’t let others tell you how you should feel during this period and don’t deny these feelings to yourself either. You need to feel grief and mourn in order to be able to let go. It is a natural and normal process we all go through when we lose something we love. It is okay to cry if you feel like it, to feel upset or angry, and to find the power to laugh again when you’ll be ready for it.

Don’t hesitate to find support groups or reach out to friends

Sometimes, it is easier to go through difficult times if you share your experience with people that went through similar experiences. Believe it or not, there are support groups made out of people who lost their beloved pets, where each offers support to the other. If you’re finding it hard to cope with the situation, seeing that there are others suffering just like you and showing you empathy may help. You can find these groups online with ease, so there’s no need to leave home if you don’t want to. Also, if you know someone who went through the same situation, like a friend or anyone you may know, reaching out and looking for support is a very good idea.

A farewell ritual can help you heal

Many pet owners felt easier if they organized a funeral for their pet. It is a proper way to say goodbye and become more aware of the process. So, if some may think that pet funerals are out of the ordinary, you should do it if it feels good. After all, it is your way of showing appreciation for all the years of unconditional love and loyalty provided by your pet.

Take good care of yourself

It is very easy to neglect yourself when going through such a rough period. So, paying more attention to your own person is highly recommended. Spend time in the company of people that care for you, support you, and understand through what you’re going. Eat healthy food, and do your best to rest at night. Exercising is another great option, as it helps you release tension and stress, and has a calming effect on the body. It is not easy to accept that things come to an end, but you should also understand that this is how things work and fighting them won’t get you anywhere. It is better to be grateful for what we have and live our lives in the best way possible.

If you feel that the situation is too much for you, don’t hesitate to seek professional help

There’s no shame to admit that the situation is overwhelming and that you can’t seem to find a method to help you cope with it better. If this is your case, professional help will help you deal with it better. Don’t let yourself be controlled by pain for too long or risk falling into depression. If you sense that your life quality has been significantly affected by the loss of your pet and you can’t seem to function right, a specialist will guide you back to normality.

When is the right time to welcome another pet into our lives?

Many people are tempted to get another pet fast in order to fill the empty space left by their former pet. But, it is best not to rush into it, as you may not be in the ideal emotional state. Take the time to mourn your pet and when you feel calm enough, and at peace with the idea, you can consider getting another pet. Give yourself time to end this chapter of your life because the new pet will have a different personality and will be entitled to all of your attention. This is why you need to feel ready for it.

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