How Online Poker Sites Use Secret Algorithms

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There is simply no denying that online gambling is here to stay. Heck, it is not only here to stay, but it is completely taking over. This is a market that was once deemed illegal in many states. Now, the practice is not only legal in more than half the states, but just about everyone is partaking in the activity. Everyone from gamblers to investors is interested in online gambling and everything that it has to offer, poker in particular. That being said, if you truly want to get ahead, you need to understand how poker sites use algorithms.

What About Random Number Generators?

You can speak to any number of experts that you want or do all the research that is required, and you are always going to hear talk of random number generators. It is true that online casinos like to use random number generators to line up reels or deal out hands. Heck, this is something that is required. However, this randomness does come with some consequences. And, those consequences would be that they produce random results. If there is one thing that casinos do not like, it is randomness. Randomness means that they can’t control the outcome, and this is exactly where algorithms come in handy.

Why Use Algorithms?

It is a well-accepted fact that random number generators are fair. After all, they are random, so how could they be rigged? There is, without a doubt, a way to fix the odds, but most online casinos aren’t willing to go this far. That being said, it only took a couple of gifted programmers to expose the flaws in these generators, which lead to a lot of quality poker sites using algorithms instead. It was proven by these programmers that these generators just didn’t have the ability to produce an adequate number of random decks. This simply means that it was just too easy for players to predict flops, turns, and rivers. This obviously put many online casinos at a disadvantage, and this is where algorithms came in.

Seed Generation Of RNGs

After these generators were exposed, many online casinos started taking advantage of algorithms. What this did was it gave online casinos the ability to produce a wider variety of random deck sequences. Unfortunately, this only led to another problem – collusion and cheating by players. The problem was thankfully corrected with a new set of algorithms. These new algorithms allowed online casinos to produce a fair game that prevented any collusion from players or outside sources.

What Is The Secret Behind Algorithms?

Algorithms are just like any other thing out there. You find the right person with the right amount of determination, and they can be conquered. This is a fact that has been proven true many times. In fact, the real secret understands how these algorithms work. Of course, this is much more difficult than it sounds, but with the right determination and research, you won’t have a problem learning more about algorithms and how you can turn them to your advantage.