One of the biggest attractions for families with youngsters is small amusement parks that pop up when festivals, malls, and communities have a celebration. These small amusement parks come with all the great rides of a larger version, such as the Six Flags and Disney parks. The rides are usually smaller in size and aimed at pleasing families seeking an exciting experience without the adrenaline overdrive.

Having said this, some attractions in the amusement park ride section of Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., to provide a lot of thrills and adrenaline rushes for the right age groups.

Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, is a Chinese amusement park equipment manufacturer that specializes in these smaller versions of the classic large carnival rides. Some rides are made smaller than the original, such as the backyard Roller Coaster, which I present in this review.

Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

This company is a specialist in designing and fabricating high-quality amusement park rides in its 70,000 square foot facility. The company comes with a plethora of quality control standards, and the corporate culture is on safety first.

This company sells its various ride products all across Asia, the Middle East, and Russia and has provided enjoyment to millions of families for many years. As a trusted company with high-quality processes in place, Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, can proudly present you with many options to choose from.

Among the entire Amusement Park family of rides are the following options:

  • Catch’N Air Rides
  • Take Off Rides
  • Pirate Ship Rides
  • Carousel Rides
  • Chair Swing Rides
  • Crazy Wave Rides
  • Booster Rides
  • Slingshot Rides
  • Swing Tower Rides
  • Pendulum Rides

I won’t present them all but will state that all these rides are made using high-grade materials, such as steel for the framework. European electronics including Siemens controllers and Sensors. Each ride comes with a full electronic safety array to assure total control over the active ride environment.

Among their many options to choose from is the Crazy wave rides, this model uses PLC industrial programming and high-torque hydraulic motor matching technology for controlled performance and is made from the most rigorous and strict processes using all steel alloy materials for ultimate and long lasting performance. The Crazy wave ride can hold up to 16 people for every ride.

Their colorful Chair swing integrates a non-basic type flying chair with a Siemens controller that can ride up to 25 people at a time. The lifts are raised through a telescopic arm controlled by the electronic control console.

The Catch’n Air ride uses a circular guide rail, with a raised guide rail, a base, a rotary disc, and a swing arm. To control this ride, the operator has a console and cockpit that manages the transmission system at all times.

This is their Bungee Trampoline that gives you 20 feet of jump height and is secured by an architecturally sound steel frame with high-quality bungee rubber harness. Each ride can take up to four people at a time.


If you are seeking to buy a high-quality product that has a customer and technical support, and there is a clear vision of quality and integrity from the factory floor through the corporate boardroom and into your backyard, you don’t need to look farther than to Zibo Hualong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.