Working place is made up of skills and knowledge but one thing that is also important is integrity. If your employees are not honest, they might not be effective for your business.  Personal integrity is an innate moral conviction to do what really is right, and dismiss what is wrong, irrespective of the consequences that are linked or attached to their decisions.

Integrity is there in many forms, but the most vital traits that are expected in any workplace are honesty, dependability, loyalty, and great judgment. As an individual in a workplace, to have integrity simply means:

  • That a person’s actions are consistent with his or her words;
  • That one is trustworthy, dependable and honest;
  • That a person communicates honestly and openly;
  • That a person has appropriate values, and behaviors that reflect such values
  • That one can admit mistakes and not be frightened to show that he or she cares.

Being the owners or recruiters, if you really want hat your employees have integrity then you have to measure this trait of candidate’s right at the time of recruitment. You can use an Integrity test and have a great picture of them.  Once you know that the person you are recruiting is not just good at his work but a good and reliable person too; you would definitely pat your back.  For now, have a look at different types of integrities that exist.

Internal integrity

It is the integrity of a person at the deepest level. Is someone’s integrity just for show because it appears great, or does he or she truly living their life with integrity in mind?  Well, integral integrity is about being in a position to do the correct thing, even if nobody is looking and even if one will receive absolutely no credit for doing such a thing. Then such a person does the right thing, even though it might be the tough option, despite no one looking would really be a great step towards making sure that a person lives with integrity.

External integrity 

External integrity is what a person portrays to those around him or her. A person has high external integrity when his or her actions are consistent with his or her thoughts and what he or she is saying.  If a person says something and his or her actions do the opposite; they need to work on their external integrity.

Image integrity 

Then there is image integrity that is somewhat linked to external integrity. It is the image of the integrity of a person. Whilst a person might outwardly be showcasing the right actions and taking the correct path, can such actions be thought of in any other manner? Will a person leave his or her image open to interpretation? Individuals do have great imaginations. When a person does not understand something, he or she is quick to make molds and form beliefs about why a specific thing is occurring. Looking after a persons’ image integrity is about making sure that none of his or her actions or words can be misinterpreted.

Do you think integrity is important?

Mainly, integrity in the workplace is much important as these characters foster a positive workplace culture. It is an environment or culture where there is open communication, great decision making and a firm moral compass guiding all actions and decisions. Whereas, reckless behaviour and suspicion can make any type of working environment sore and tense.

If your employees are known for their integrity, they would gain respect and trust from the people around them.Of course, such a thing would be a boon for your business. Since the employees having integrity are working for you, it would indirectly have a great and positive impression of your brand or company too. Moreover, keep in mind that integrity is not just vital on a personal level; it is even vitally significant at a work level. Organizations that are known for their integrity perform much better.

For example, what customer wishes to deal with an organization that does not even keep their word, it says one thing but does something else or it caters bad products or services? They would not. Rather the clients would definitely want to deal with the company or organization that can be trusted to follow through with what they have decided upon, the organization that has dependable employees and a good trademark message.

Can you trust your employee?

Do you think that you can trust your employee at the times of emergency? Do you feel that when the crisis hit the organization, your employee would back your business? Come on, these are all things that have a direct connection with the integrity they possess. If you check the integrity level of your candidates even before their recruitment you can make the right decision. A good and professional employee would be of no use if he or she cannot be trusted at the times of difficulties. You should have good staff members who can be trusted at any time.

Many recruiters think that it is not easy to examine the integrity of the candidates. If you too think so then you are wrong. There are recruitment tests that are based on integrity. This integrity aptitude test gives you an idea about what your candidates in a real sense are and how much they can be trusted with your business. There are always times when the clients have a direct talk with the employees working for you. What if they so some traits that are not friendly or are far from integrity?  It would be disastrous for your business. If you feel that the integrity of a person has nothing to do with your business then you are really callow. Come on, your business is made up of people, and if the people working for you do not have integrity; it would be a loss at your end only.

So, having a test that examines the integrity of the candidates can get you the best crew for your business.