Gone are the days when rooms were filled with local servers. Now a day, cloud computing is the powerhouse of every business. Cloud computing changes the way of the business because it defines the way how to run the business these days but keeping in mind to have backup servers. It is extraordinarily effective that is used to store, manage, and process data of the various industries. These days, the usage of cloud computing has increased by 50 percent.

The cloud is a powerhouse built to run businesses effectively and efficiently, so it’s not surprising that it’s extraordinarily popular. The cloud strategies can heighten the advantages for the business. In this article, we will highlight the key benefits has led to reckonable improvements to the industries.

Advantages of cloud computing

The cloud computing is based on the internet that allows the users Where can run applications and programs through the internet, While it was used through the server within their premises a few years ago. In cloud computing, we use heavy computer machines which are very expensive, and everyone can’t afford them. These heavy computers offer some special companies which offer cloud computing services as well as cloud computing solutions.

It is the era of the Facebook status, snap chat filters, Instagram stories, and online banking whenever you are doing the same; you are relying on cloud computing. It is also solving a lot of problems with small businesses. The cloud computing is the absolute solution when it comes to managing your workload through the application. Cloud computing is offering you a lot of benefits from high security to remote access and many more read on the 5 essentials of using cloud computing for the business below.


Most of the people primarily perceive cloud computing technology as a security drawback. However, this ideology is not true as cloud technology is providing more security than any other on-premise systems. On-premise systems are less secure than cloud technology because they depend on the servers being retained at a physical location. There are a lot of factors that lessen the security of the local servers such as server accessibility, transferring data on to portable devices, server location to increase the hardware longevity and keep the temperatures down and daily backed up to off-site recovery centers.
On the other hand, cloud technology based on the software that totally removes all the security drawbacks. The cloud technology has inbuilt redundancy and backup that keeps your valuable data in high-security server sites by the vendors. I cloud computing only authorized persons can access business data. It is an obvious thing that when we implement such type of technologies in our business, then we face some serious problem, for this reason, we need some special cloud solutions provider companies which offer us cloud computing solutions. Actually, security is the main problem in modern computerizes system, and it is very tough for everyone to believe in modern computerizes system, but you can trust cloud computing without any hesitation.

Remote access and flexibility

Cloud computing gives you remote access that allows you to work from anywhere. You can access your valuable data while on traveling, or while outside the office or home. That way, you can save your time and send the request for an invoice copy or check the status without any hassle. Your sales employee can log in from outside the office and provide the product details and lead time. Basically, in cloud computing, we interact with the server, and we can access the server from anywhere with the help of a simple laptop or computer. Cloud computing enabled us to handle or control our business operation from anywhere.

Easier upgrades and maintenance

Cloud Technology is the perfect choice for business when it comes to software, network, and server management. The sole responsibility of the team of the cloud computing vendors like IAXCESS UAE to ensure the continuity of service and keeping the fleet of computers of any organization to work properly. On the other hand, they also upgrade the servers at no extra cost that save the time and money for cloud customers. It enables the user to access all the advanced applications and tools. In cloud computing, our applications automatically update from the cloud computing service provider. It is the main benefit of using cloud computing in our business.

Continuity of business

At the time of the disaster, continuity of business is essential for your company and cloud technology is the pretty good solution when it comes to continuity of operations in the event of the disaster like theft, technology outage, fire, flood, snow or mass shooting. These events urge people to work from home or other safe location. Cloud computing will allow them to log on from any location and access their data and continue their work on any normal working day. The valuable data of the employee, i.e., files and documents can be accessed from any other system using necessary access codes.  We have no fear of data lose in cloud computing, so cloud computing becomes a continuity of business possible.

Protection against DDoS

DDoS referred to as Distributed denial of service attacks are used to measures to halt large amounts of traffic intended at an organization’s cloud servers. DDoS is on the upsurge and focus on the topmost cloud computing security elucidation. This involves observing, engrossing, and disbanding DDoS attacks to lessen the risk.


We hope these five above advantages would be sufficient to satisfy many companies to shift their business into cloud computing.  Top notch cloud computing security solution offers you the best security, availability, and reliability that you are looking for to grow your business in a global marketplace. The Physical infrastructure pair with the advanced cyber security that provides you a wide-ranging and secure business solution when it comes to your cloud computing needs. The IAXCESS UAE is pioneered enterprise cloud computing that is the best solutions provider in the UAE. So are you ready to jump-start your journey with us to get these advantages to secure your business today? Happy Clouding!