An electric bike is the healthiest transportation method on the road today. Consider the health impact of cycling, and add to it the power of long-distance traveling together with the occasional relaxing ride for harder uphill or downhill locations.

Riding a bike is not just about racing along the roads and tracks, building up a cardio-vascular sweat and losing weight. Riding a bike is a standard means of transportation that billions of people choose to use for a cheaper and friendlier way to get to work, to school, or just to get around in the car-clogged roads of the modern cities.

Whether you live in a small town or a large city, whether you need to ride 40 miles or 4, an electric bike will provide you with the best and healthiest solution to get you from where you are to where you will be.

An electric bike provides you with the following health incentives:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Let’s take a look at each category and understand how the use of an electric bike will improve them.


This is the obvious health category to start with. An electric bike gives you both a natural bike element that requires a lot of strength and stamina to cycle over distances using different gears and over different terrains. The electric bike motor is there to help you with hard locations and is used to speed your travel over longer distances, however, when used correctly, it also helps your body by providing you with a solid cardio-vascular exercise. Cycling benefits the lower body muscles, it improves your breathing and lung capacity, and it generates various chemicals such as adrenaline and endorphins in the body that enhance performance and burns more energy. Using an electric bike on a daily basis will give you a slimmer and toned body, and longer stamina. It improves the heart health and makes the blood pump through your body carrying oxygen to all your extremities.

Weight loss is reached when a proper diet is considered too, and you will enjoy a streamlined look, maybe get those six-pack abs and definitely get a bubble but with strong thighs and shapely calves. Essentially, the use of an electric bike on a daily basis will act as a great base to transform anyone into a super sports model.

Studies have shown that cyclists live longer lives than non-cyclists. This was proven when the Tour de France competitors from France were compared to their compatriots that don’t cycle. The difference was 81.5 years to 73.5 years, showing that cycling provided the cyclist with a 10% longer life expectancy than non-cyclists.

Another aspect of this means of transport is that it is a non-impact method unlike walking, where the ankles, knees, and hips are constantly battered by the impact of your feet on the ground surface. Cycling is a rotary sport, similar to swimming, where you do not have any impact effects (unless you are mountain biking). Electric bikes are even more secure and comfortable than a standard bike since their suspension system is stronger due to the frame weight requirements.


Consider how honed and focused your mind is when you cycle. You are concentrating on the road, the scenery and your mind are filled with thoughts of the day. You are multi-tasking while cycling and this is a perfect mental strength exercise that complements the body.

When you go out on an electric bike, you have a chance to sit back and enjoy the scenery too, not just to cycle, but letting the motor do some of the work for you. This gives your mind time to relax and enjoy the changing scenery. It’s amazing what you see around you when you really take the time to look.

On the chemical side of things, cycling releases Endorphins, these a chemicals that your brain generates and gives you a feeling of wellbeing, or elation. Endorphins also help in maintaining a good brain cellular structure, maintenance, and growth. It is also the human natural drug that relieves you fo stress and anxiety. That is why many people get addicted to exercising and why, when you miss a day, you feel agitated.

Cycling with an electric bike is healthy and addictive, what a perfect combination.


With so much going for you when you cycle, such as a healthy body, an alert mind, it’s no wonder that spiritually you feel uplifted. In fact, most cyclists feel closer to nature and life than non-cyclists. The beauty of cycling with an electric bike in nature is beyond compare.

Consider that you are not in a rush, you are not going to work, you are even on holiday, and you have an electric bike that lets you get lost, explore new sites, but gives you the energy and power to travel long distances and combines exercise with comfort. What could be more spiritually uplifting than looking at a distant sunset or sunrise, or perhaps watching the city wake up? And what can get you closer to nature than a great electric bike?


It is obvious that riding an electric bike is preferred to any other means of transport, including non-electric bikes. The ability to cycle as well as to rest while the motor works for you is an advantage that gives you both the aspects of health from cycling, as well as the health from a relaxing outdoors ride. It also gives you the mental health from knowing in advance you can get anywhere you want without worrying about traffic congestion and being able to get there fast.

So don’t hesitate, if you already cycle, invest in an electric bike, and if you want to cycle, get an electric bike as a perfect alternative combined mode of transportation and exercise.