Would you like to know about 15 ways to drive traffic to your blog? I know your answer is “Yes” that’s why you have to read this post.

Selecting WordPress as your blogging platform
Blogger and WordPress are the two main popular blogging platforms. If you expect to be a professional blogger, you should select WordPress as the blogging platform because you can get many benefits choosing WordPress than Blogger.

One of the main reasons for choosing WordPress is, it has so many plugins that help to drive traffic to your blog.

Ex: Yoast, All in One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps.

Never forget SEO
As a blogger, you shouldn’t forget SEO because every popular blog has at least 50% traffic via search engines.

So always pay attention about on page optimization when you write a post and don’t forget about off page optimization.

Writing guest posts
We can simply define guest posting as submitting articles to another blog. Guest posting really helps to build quality backlinks as well as drive more traffic to your blog.

Simple Blog Design
Your blog design also helps to drive traffic to your blog. If your blog has a very complex appearance, your readers are unable to find content very easily. So design your blog interface very simply.

Forum posting
A few weeks back, I shared top 10 forums you should know as a blogger. Those forums let you to put about 1-4 links as the signature. So if you are an active member of those forums, you can get a decent traffic from them.

Blog commenting
Especially, if you are a new blogger never ignore blog commenting because blog commenting is important more than you think about it. But always writes only valuable comments and never write spam comments or useless comments.

Maintaining quality of posts
When a readers land your blog as a new reader, you should able to convert the reader into a regular reader. Your blog should have a quality content to do that.

It is important to mention here if you don’t have quality content there is no point in promoting your blog.

Using Social Media
Billions of internet users use social media daily. So if you forget social media, it is a big mistake that you do. At least use Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter to promote your blog. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page and Twitter page, create them quickly.

Give something free to your readers
You can create your own product like an eBook or a WordPress theme. Then distribute it free of charge. Although you give it free of charge, it won’t lose for you because your blog traffic will be increased via that product. So it is also a good way to drive traffic to your blog.

Reducing blog loading time
Both readers and search engines prefer speed blogs. So if your blog takes too much time to load, that means you are going to lose more traffic.

Five tips to reduce blog loading time

  • Install a cash plugin like W3 Total Cache.
  • Delete unwanted plugins.
  • Reduce using JavaScripts.
  • Buy hosting from a well-known company like Hostgator.
  • Don’t include too much images and use a tool to reduce image size.

Using Social Bookmarking Sites
There are so many social bookmarking sites on the internet now. Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit are the most popular social bookmarking sites. I suggest you to use at least Stumbleupon to promote your blog.

Creating a Forum for Your Blog
Now there are many open source and commercial forum scripts on the internet. So although you don’t have programming knowledge, you can create a forum very easily. Then you can build a huge community around the forum.

Building Relationships with Other Bloggers
Building relationships with other bloggers for collect information how to make money blogging and how to get more traffic to your blog. Especially, building relationships with other bloggers help to get more social shares and get backlinks from their blogs.

Submitting your Blog to Authority Blog  Directories
Dmoz is the best web directory. You must try to add your blog into it. And you can find many web directories by single Google search.

I can mention that Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the best ways to advertise your blog. Especially, if you give a service or sell your own product via your blog, advertising may be the best way to drive traffic to your blog.

Now you know 15 ways to drive traffic to your blog. Now you can share what methods you use to increase blog traffic as a comment.