Fibrositis pain
Fibrositis pain

In recent times, there are few types of health conditions diagnosed by the medical association. Nowadays, physical activity is zero as there are many tech-savvy products which are easily available. Most of the doctors have claimed to have patients who suffer from major body pain problems with no physical activity. One can choose to use Pain Tracker, which helps to report their body problems whenever the pain occurs. It helps the concerned doctor to know more about the frequent body pain one has through regular entries of their schedule. It also helps to maintain day to day report based on it.

What is Fibrositis pain?

Fibrositis pain, better known as Fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) in medical terms, is a health condition due to chronic pain all over the body. It is claimed that this medical condition is associated with psychological problems (depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.). Majority of the patients who have this problem are women. It is quite a common problem among middle-aged people. It weakens the body muscles if the body is inactive, even though it does not affect the body tissues. It might lead to more advanced problems.

Causes of Fibrositis pain

As of now, the causes of Fibrositis pain is not known; few researchers have claimed that psychological, neurological as well as physical factors are causes of this health condition. There are several theories about the causes: some of the research institutes claim that the pain is not a cause of any physical injury, though the way the brain as well as the nervous system process the pain of the affected area. The pain is chronic; it lasts longer. Even though few psychologists suggest that due to the mental health problems, depression, stress, etc. are few signs of this problem.

Few doctors have come across a certain reason for this pain due to arthritis; even if there is no physical damage; the pain is inevitable. The wound may heal, but the pain might increase. Lack of sleep leads to tiredness which also leads to this pain.


1. Trouble in sleep

Due to improper sleep, there is a decrease in the level of tissue repair as well as growth hormone.

2. Fatigue

Due to extreme workload in the job, as well as while traveling, tiredness is also a symptom of Fibrositis pain.

3. Body pain

Frequent pain all over the body is a symptom which is commonly ignored.

4. Nausea

An unpleasant sensation which leads to vomiting.

5. Urinary Problems

Frequent feeling to urinate, at night.

6. Others

Other less known symptoms – vision problems, short as well as long term memory problem which many people experience due to improper cognitive function, better known as Fibrofog. Constipation, Muscle twitching, as well as pain in limbs, inability to work systematically, anxiety, depression, etc. are few other symptoms which cause this condition.

Diagnosis of Fibrositis pain

Diagnosis of Fibrositis pain, based on the symptoms, the doctors conduct a full diagnosis through blood and urine samples. The count of ESR, Urea, blood sugar helps in determining this disease as well as thyroid based tests.


With recent development, there is no sure treatment for this medical condition. The doctors have tried to control this pain by trying to mitigate the symptoms to make sure that the health problem does not get worse.

Few treatments suggested by the doctors are therapy sessions such as physical and psychological sessions as well as through medicines wherever possible.

1. Doing Physiotherapy

Attending physiotherapy can improve the posture as well as the physical function of the body. One must visit the physiotherapist in case of improving the body activities through exercise; occupational therapy will help to burden free the workload. Pain management therapy sessions are conducted especially for managing the symptoms of Fibrositis pain.

2. Psychological therapy

Experience through different moods, due to stress, anxiety, depression help to overcome the emotional pain by visiting a psychologist. Techniques used in this therapy relaxes once body as well as the mind. There are a lot of cases of mental health problem faced by many people due to the pressure they face in their respective spaces.

3. Prescribed Medicines

Most doctors avoid the use of medicines; in some cases, there is no way other than prescribed medicines in some symptoms related to Fibrositis pain. Though medicines may not help to cure the pain, they help in reducing certain symptoms. For instance, Paracetamol works as a pain killer for most people as some may find it difficult to resist the pain despite the medicines prescribed to them. The medicines have a lot of side effects; even if they are prescribed for one problem, it may lead to another one.

Few doctors have tried Acupuncture as a remedy to reduce the symptoms. Recently, some researchers have found that Anticonvulsants are the best medicines for the treatment of Fibrositis pain.

How can this disease is responsible for the weakening of the body?

Considering the above facts, the signs/symptoms of this disease are a major factor which decreases the overall cycle of the body system. This disease is one of a kind. Even though, it fully manages to weaken the body if one ignores to recognize the symptoms which frequently affects the health.

There are a few responsible factors:

1. Lifestyle

There is no control over the food one person eats. Untiming of food intake is a reason which blocks the regular cycle of the body. As well as the frequent intake of junk food creates unhealthy conditions. Stress, depression caused due to personal as well as work problems, it leads to much pressure on the body which is not healthy.

2. Lack of physical activity

Most individuals find it difficult to do regular exercise due to their tight schedules.

The recent scenario shows that maintaining health is very important. Pain Tracker helps to keep track through everyday analysis based on the information logged in by the individuals. Trying to stay healthy by following diets given by concerned dieticians as well as frequent checkups from the concerned doctors is a wise step.