Hemp oil, or CBD, is widely used as a topical skincare product because of its antioxidant property but quite a lot of people don’t know about it, and as a result, millions of dollars are being spent on beauty products that do very little for the skin. For most consumers, there’s hardly any distinction between hemp oil and hemp seed oil (most people generalize it as CBD oil), but there is uniqueness in pure hemp seed oil, and that’s the reason it has taken off in the beauty industry.

So what exactly is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seeds are pressed to extract cannabidiol in an oil base, though we should point out the different types of hemp oil such as unrefined hemp seed oil which has a darker greenish shade, and refined hemp seed oil, which is clear and has no smell. The unrefined hemp seed oil contains more of the skin-friendly properties that make it such a hit with beauticians.

Regular hemp oil, on the other hand, is made by extracting cannabidiol from the leaves, stalks, and flowers or a hemp or cannabis plants. That’s the only distinction. To learn more details about cannabidiol and how it works for the skin, check out CBDCentral.com.

The skincare benefits of hemp seed oil

There’s a reason why CBD has suddenly taken up space in the beauty segment as a natural skin treatment – in fact; there are many reasons.

Moisture that lasts a long time

Cannabidiol delivers moisture to the skin to protect from pollutants and sun exposure. Moisture is at the heart of skincare, and when skin dries up, it is more susceptible to aging, wrinkles, and infection. Hemp seed oil gives your skin moisture that lasts hours; giving your skin a soft, smooth feel.

Balances oily skin, doesn’t clog pores

Hemp seed oil is perfect for treating oily skin because of its action on the sebaceous glands. Normally, the sebaceous glands get infected with a bacterium that causes them to produce too much oil. This, in turn, clogs the pores and makes it more likely to have breakouts. Cannabidiol, the active compound in hemp seed oil kills the bacteria that interfere with oil production through its antioxidant effect.

A Soothing and calming effect on the skin

Hemp oil is rich in antioxidants, and that makes it a good treatment to fight skin inflammation, breakouts, infections, and dryness. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E; all of which play a role in skincare.

Anti-aging effects

The last thing anybody wants is for their skin to look older than they are. This can be caused by overexposing yourself to UV rays, failing to use sunscreen, using the wrong products, or generally neglecting your skin. Remember, some of the damage caused by UV rays cannot be undone, which is why it’s much better to be proactive when it comes to skincare. Because of its richness and wide range of effects on the body, hemp seed oil can help to undo some signs of early aging, by encouraging new cells, strengthening existing cells, and preventing infection.


The challenges brought on by inflammation make skincare a nightmare for a lot of people –which is why hemp seed oil is so important is skincare. It keeps inflammation away, and because of this, you won’t have those nasty breakouts or bumps in the skin that steal the glow from your skin. Also, because it’s anti-inflammatory, it naturally prevents irritation for people with sensitive skin.

Are there any drawbacks?

Cannabidiol has no side effects on the skin; however, for people with extremely sensitive skin, you might want to start with a smaller portion of your skin just to see how it works. It’s not likely that you will react to the compound, but it’s always a good idea to test new skin treatments on areas other than your face to be on the safe side.

How to pick hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is used in various creams, lotions, oils, facial products, and bath products. The important thing is to focus on the ingredients and see how they compare to what your skin needs. Also, take time to consider what your goals are; so if you’re in the market for a trendy skincare product, then that will ultimately impact your purchasing decisions. Focus on products with natural ingredients rather than using costly brands.


  • Massage hemp seed oil over your face for a DIY facial serum.
  • Use it after baths as a full body oil.
  • Consider using CBD as a carrier oil in aromatherapy.

When used regularly, hemp seed oil will deliver essential ingredients (such as omega-3s) into your skin, giving it a natural glow that keeps skin young and healthy.