If this is the question that keeps popping up your mind, then you need to rethink. Many people assume they can do without a health insurance because they feel that they are healthy and won’t require it. People have many excuses for not taking it. But what they don’t realise is that medical emergency can come anytime and sometimes it can be severe and requires a lot of money.

Medical costs are increasing day by day. A person may or may not have enough funds in their accounts to support the medical treatment. In such situations, medical insurance can be useful. Though most of the people in the UK are covered through NHS (National Health Service). But, with stretched resources and long waiting lists, many UK residents prefer private health insurances.

What is a health insurance?

The concept of health insurance was introduced so that, in case of any medical emergency, a patient can receive treatment without worrying about the treatment costs. Private medical insurance companies came into picture because a lot of people, despite having NHS could not get proper services during their claims. Since then, private medical insurances have become a boon in the healthcare industry.

How does it solve the purpose?

For people who think taking medical insurance is nothing more than adding extra expenses, go back and think again. People may think that they are saving a great deal of money by not taking health insurance, but they are actually spending more every time you go and see a doctor. Health insurances are designed to cover medical costs, doctor visits, hospitalization bills, pathological costs, surgical costs, and many more facilities. Different medical insurances have different norms. Depending on your current medical condition or just to be prepared for any urgency, you can choose a type of insurance.

Different types of health insurances

There are mainly two kinds of medical insurances offered by private insurers: full medical underwriting and moratorium underwriting.

  • Full medical underwriting – Under this kind of medical insurance, the applicant needs to provide their complete medical history to the insurance company. Your report will also be vetted by the doctor appointed by the insurance company. This kind of insurance covers almost every medical aspect, but then it will also have expensive premiums.
  • Moratorium underwriting – In moratorium underwriting, the insurer would not cover the applicant initially for few years, specifically for existing medical conditions. Also, you would not need to provide all medical details to the insurer. Hence, the premiums are lower for this kind of insurance.

Just remember, when planning to buy insurance, make sure you shop around to see which company offers maximum benefits at lower premiums like AXA insurance. They provide all kind of insurance services with greater benefits.

Choosing the right kind of medical insurance

As medical costs are increasing, even health risks are also increasing. Therefore, it is important to find an insurance that not only covers basic costs but also provide comprehensive benefits. With so many insurance companies in the market today, it often gets confusing to pick one from them. If you are a beginner and confused about picking the right one for yourself or your family, consider these points below;-

  • What is the current need of your family and does it suits all your needs?
  • What all costs are covered in the insurance
  • Does it cover disabilities or critical illness
  • Any hidden clauses you need to be aware about
  • Is it affordable?
  • Any miscellaneous expenses covered?

These are some questions that need to be check with the insurance companies before finalizing one. The company that is able to answer the maximum questions is the one that should be chosen.

How to buy a medical insurance?

So, if you have made up your mind about buying insurance, there are many companies that offer online buying services. It’s hassle-free and time-saving. Insured can pay annual premiums online and even renew their policies.


To put it in simple words, health scares can come anytime. The best way to deal with them is to take precautions, both in lifestyle and by taking medical insurance. Being prepared is always better.