What determines the choice of equipment for self-defense? How does a stun gun work? How to use the stun gun correctly? Can the attacker use a stun gun against us? How does the pepper gas work? What should be taken into account when choosing pepper gas?

What kind of self-defense equipment do we choose?

According to the latest research, as many as 43% of us have ever found themselves in a life or health threatening situation. Despite the optimistic police data on improving safety, we are more and more willing to use self-defence tools. We consider a pepper gas (31%) and a stun gun (25%) to be the most effective. However, the factor that determines their choice is not the price, which is only third on the list of criteria.

How does the pepper gas work?

Different types of pepper gases are currently the most popular in the category of self-defense products, mainly due to their low price. Their use is very similar to that of an ordinary deodorant. The irritant is closed in a pressurized container. You just need to simply press the trigger to spray the entire contents in a short time. A stream of gas directed at the attacker may overpower him for a few or even for a several dozen minutes.

Pepper gas contains alkaline capsaicin, a natural component of cayenne pepper. The most common gases are those with 10, 11 or 15% capsaicin concentration. The weaker gases are usually used to deter aggressive animals, the stronger ones are ideally suited to overpower the attacker, even if he’s under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.

The gases are not supposed to cause any harm, but only surprise and neutralize the attacker for some time. Burning and strong tearing, irritation of the respiratory system, which can last even several dozen minutes, gives enough time to escape and call for help.

What factors should be taken into an account when selecting a pepper gas?

When choosing a pepper gas, it is worth paying attention to its capacity. The minimum capacity is 50 milliliters. The method of spraying the irritant is also very important because classic sprays are very sensitive to gusts of wind. A sprayed cloud can therefore also irritate the defending person. These pepper gases must also not be used indoors.

Much more effective are gel gases, which have a much greater range (up to 8 meters) and are not as sensitive to gusts of wind as the classic pepper gases. High viscosity makes them stick well to the assailant’s body and clothing, which makes them difficult to remove. This gives you more time to escape. Modern pepper gases often contain an ultraviolet dye in addition to the irritating ingredient. Such a solution makes it much easier for the police to identify the attacker.

One gas tank may suffice for several uses, but it is not recommended. Even with a large capacity, there is no guarantee that the remaining amount of gas will be sufficient. It is safer to buy a new one. Experts also advise against buying gases of unknown origin, especially from bazaars and marketplaces. It may happen that such a product has already been used before, or it does not contain any irritant at all, or its amount is far too large, which may cause harm instead of overpowering the aggressor.

How does a stun gun work?

A stun gun is also a type of weapon that is not intended to harm an attacker, but only to overpower him for a while. Powered by one or two 9-volt batteries, they can generate voltages from 200,000 to even half a million volts. “Such a large number can make an impression, but in the long run it is harmless, as it is accompanied by a low current, which usually amounts to a few thousandths of an amplifier.

The stun gun works even through a thick layer of clothing and overpowers the aggressor. Such a state can last up to several dozen minutes. Depending on the length of time, the attacker may experience a short-term shock, muscle contraction, as well as loss of orientation.

How to use the stun gun correctly?

Stun guns are safe for the user and shouldn’t harm him. Stun guns have a special protection against accidental start-up and an additional fuse that protects the owner in case the equipment is pulled out of the hands by an attacker. This fuse is combined with a wristband, which breaks off when the aggressor takes over the device. The stun gun then stops working and cannot be used against the owner.

Remember that these devices use batteries, which must always be recharged in order for them to work properly in case of an emergency. Manufacturers recommend replacing power cells from time to time, even if they are not in use, so it’s very important to always choose the best stun gun you can afford, since your life depends on its quality.

Proper use of the self-defense equipment

Using a pepper gas or a stun gun can save your health or even your life. However, this should be done with caution and only when there is a real danger. Abuse of such devices can lead to harming someone, e.g. if we use the pepper gas against asthmatics, people suffering from lung diseases or if we use the stun gun against the children, pregnant women, sick and elderly people. We should also remember to always read the manual in detail, as it will be too late for this at the moment of danger.