Evolution in the 21st century knows no bounds. From the way things are done to the ways games are played, everything has evolved. Talking about games, there are plenty of new games that you must try – from Nerf Party for the kids to Bubble Soccer for the adults, the games have seen massive evolution. One of the coolest evolution- or rather- a variation is the Bubble Soccer. It’s a super-fun version of soccer in which the players are half (knee above till the head) encased in a clear bubble while they play soccer.

Bubble Soccer is definitely worth the hype. it’s still new and even if the game amuses and excites you, you may not be able to play it right. if simply watching others play Bubble Soccer gives you a tingling feeling of being excited, you may want to know how to play.

If yes, continue reading ahead and learn some tips and tricks that you must know before actually stepping into that big bubble!

Basics Are Necessary

Before getting into any game, the most important thing is to learn the basics. Directly hopping into the game without any knowledge of strategies would make you not only lose the game but also lose interest in the game, as you would not be able to play it right, and hence, all the fun will be killed then and there. so before you set foot in the field, make sure that you know all the basic strategies that are needed to ace the game.

Perfect Teaming

Talking about overall outdoor sports, games are meant to be played in teams. In the case of Bubble Soccer, if each team is evenly divided, you would have five or fewer than five people in your team. The best way to get teaming done is the color-coding. It is really difficult to recognize and spot your team members just by looking inside the bubble. Therefore, decide the color and code of your team members so that making passes to your fellow teammates becomes easier. This is one of the most essentials tricks to make the most of your game and to increase the chances of your team becoming a winner.

Strategically Decided Positions

Unlike other sports, Bubble Soccer does not have any official positions without which the game can’t start. This doesn’t mean that teams can’t designate the members to certain areas, it totally depends on the team as to which strategy they want to apply to win the game. Make sure that you decide the positions of your teammates such that one can protect the goal, and anyone can kick it off at the same time. In short, the need is to adequately and evenly divide team members on the ground, to make sure that you are defending yourself efficiently along with attacking the opponent team.

A goalie is an essential team member. You must have someone to hang around the goal in order to eliminate the chances of the opponent team scoring. Deciding on other positions is difficult, but the one thing that you can do is to put forward the players with higher stamina and keep other players as defenders. When you start playing, you will feel like it’s a mess, but when you keep going deeper into the game, you will start enjoying it.


Bubble Soccer is usually played in four rounds that are of 5 minutes each, approximately. There is halftime in the middle too. But this doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the time. It totally depends upon you that how you would like to adjust the timings. The referees of the game also have the right to stop the timer for the game, and to increase it or decrease it in any way. There is no such limit in time, and you can strain it as much as you want to enjoy it more!

Learn How To Fall

Despite being careful, you will fall over several times during the game. The most important thing to remember while playing Bubble Soccer is that your bubble will protect you from all the injuries. In the start, you would feel unusual and weird, but with the passage of time, you would start learning to embrace it and most importantly, enjoy it!


Now comes the most important thing- getting up is not easy as you do not have your hands to steady yourself up. This would also take some time, but gradually you will get good at it. The reason why you should keep this point in your mind the most is that to encounter your opponents, you have to be faster than them, or else being slow in the game would cost you losing the entire game. So, always have a teammate backing the attacker.

Keep Knocking Others

In other games, you are always told to not knock your opponents, but Bubble Soccer allows you to knock your opponents out of the game. This strategy can be used wisely to ensure that you don’t wind up your own back.

Whenever you are hitting the opponent, keep low to the ground. You will also get knocked if your center of gravity would be higher. The only point of knocking them is to make them bounce from the game and to continue your own game by scoring through the goal.

There is no doubt in saying that Bubble Soccer is an aggressive game as compared to others. But that does not mean you have to go overboard or give up. Remember, it is for fun, and you don’t have to get too rambunctious. Getting way too aggressive, and knocking everyone out of the game would result in your getting kicked out, which is something you wouldn’t want.

Do not put all of your energy into knocking. By applying all of these tips and tricks, you can definitely enjoy Bubble Soccer more than before and can make it even more fun. Just make sure to talk to your team members before you land on the ground, strategize the game, and have it all!