When you are thinking about the best and the affordable internet deals, then you usually think about cable internet/spectrum cable. Long-term customers know that every year cable internet gives better deals and packages for their customers. As many of other companies have high prices and retain their prices and there are many complains due to high price and had not good services of multiple companies. That’s why spectrum cable always tries their best to satisfy customers with their best services, affordable prices and no contract required as well. Here are multiple new deals of cable internet/ spectrum cable:

Internet plans:

Stuck in a contract? Spectrum will buy it out for you up to $500, OR If you are looking for the internet plain only, then spectrum internet is the best option for customers. It has enough speed of the internet to connect all the devices in your home, blazing fast internet speed starting from 100Mbps and in some areas, the speed is up to 1080Mbps only for $29.99/month. Not only this you will get a free modem with high-speed internet, and there are no data caps.

Cable TV:

nullWant the total control of your TV? Cable internet is the best option in this regard. By spending $29.99/month, you can catch up your favorite shows, TV channels, and movies as well. You can experience 200+ HD channels only with Spectrum Cable TV than any other providers and can get 10,000+ on-demand choices.  Moreover, you will get free DVR, and you can record all your favorite show while watching another favorite show at the same time. Even you can set your DVR to automatically record a single show or an entire series.


Unlimited local and long-distance calls in U.S, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rice, Guam, Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Island. There are up to 28 calling features available only for $29.99/month. With spectrum Phone, you just not only able to talk, but you can also make local and long distance calls as well and no added fees charged like phone company charges, etc. Moreover, it also provides a family safety feature. In case of emergency, Spectrum provides enhanced 911 services.

Double Play Offers:

1.     Internet Plus + Spectrum voice:

When you go with this double play deal then you will get Free HD, free TV apps, free security suite, free voicemail caller ID, call waiting and more. You can use unlimited internet with this package and the internet speed starting at 60Mbps. Unlimited nationwide calling allows including US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Internet Plus will cost you $44.99/month, and Spectrum voice will cost you $19.99/month with a free modem.

2.     TV Select + Internet Plus:

You will enjoy 125+ HD channels and your favorite channels like Espn, MTV, TLC, CNN, Lifetime and enjoy local programming as well. Option to add premium channel is also available with this double play offer. You can add HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime on your TV. Enjoy unlimited internet usage with a free security suite. Enjoy free TV apps and free modem as well. TV select will cost you $39.99/month, and Internet Plus will cost you $39.99/month.

3.     TV Silver + Spectrum voice:

Enjoy the nationwide calling with this bundle. Free voicemail caller ID, call waiting and much more. Now you can enjoy your favorite series, movies, and TV show HBO, Cinemax and Showtime included in this TV package. Moreover 175+ HD channels, SELECT programming PLUS additional 50 sports and network channels like Biography, Sprout, NFL Network, BBC America and many more. TV Silver will cost you $59.99/month, and spectrum voice cost you $19.99/month.


 Internet Plus + spectrum voice TV Select + Internet Plus TV Silver + spectrum voice
$44.99/month + $19.99/month$39.99/month + $39.99/month$59.99/month + $19.99/month
Free modemFree modemFree modem
No Contract RequiredNo Contract RequiredNo Contract Required

Triple Play Offers:

1.     Triple Play SELECT:

Enjoy 125+ HD channels and your favorite channels and local programming too. You can enjoy with Espn, MTV, TLC, CNN, Lifetime, Discovery and many more. Free HD and can add premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime to your TV package. You can have 10,000+ movies, TV shows and 3D movies on demand. Get the internet speed with this package starts from 60Mbps and unlimited Internet usage starting from $29.99/month. Nationwide unlimited calls are allowed to US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. You are served with a free modem and free DVR service in which you can record your favorite TV show while watching another favorite TV show at the same time. Moreover, free voicemail caller ID, call waiting and much more.

2.     Triple Play SILVER:

This Triple Play SILVER cost you the SELECT+ and $20 more and servers you with the same Triple play SELECT including more 50 channels than SELECT. You can enjoy SELECT programming PLUS additional supports and network channels like Biography, Sprout, NFL Network, BBC America and can have premium channels on your TV package many more. Internet speed starts at 60Mbps and have unlimited internet usage and can have a nationwide unlimited calling as well.

3.     Triple Play GOLD:

You can now enjoy much more with Triple Play GOLD.  In Gold package you will be served with SILVER programming PLUS 25 more sports and network channels such as NFL, RedZone, NFL Network, FOX College Sports, Outdoor Channel, Palladia and you can add your favorite TV shows, series, and movies with premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and Epix. Triple Play GOLD will cost you SILVER plus $20 more and enjoy the unlimited use of the internet.


Triple Play SELECT Triple Play SILVERTriple Play GOLD
Free ModemFree ModemFree Modem
Free DVR ServicesFree DVR ServicesFree DVR Services
No Contract RequiredNo Contract RequiredNo Contract Required

Bottom Line:

If you want to get internet, cable, and phone around America cableninternet.com is the place to go, if you are looking to get economical packages or if you have a specific channel or internet speed in mind Spectrum Cable should be your choice since it has all types of packages.