In men, paraphimosis is a health condition that affects those who do not undergo the circumcision surgical procedure. This condition develops over time when pulling the foreskin of the penis forward, right over the penis head becomes a problem. This ends up causing the penis foreskin to swell and stick to the penis head; hence, it also slows down the flow of blood to the penis area. Often, if adult men ignore this condition, it could also lead to a series of complications, and it is always advisable that you consult an adult circumcision expert who could guide on the best ways to eliminate this health condition.

Usually, paraphimosis tends to occur when a healthcare provider is not able to handle the foreskin properly. It may be that they are not able to return the penis foreskin back to its standard position after a medical procedure or physical exam. You should note that phimosis is a different condition, and you should not confuse it with paraphimosis. In comparison to paraphimosis, the penile condition phimosis is one in which the penis foreskin does not pull back from the head of the penis.

Typically, this problem results in younger men, and it is not a very severe condition. On the other hand, paraphimosis is a health condition that stands out as an emergency, and it is appropriate that you visit a nearby hospital immediately or contact your doctor if you feel you experience symptoms of this penile condition.

Paraphimosis Symptoms

The most prominent symptom of the condition is the inability of the foreskin to return to its normal position. This is something that causes the penis tip to experience pain and swell. At times when this happens, the penis tip remains dark red or blue due to insufficient blood flow to this area. In case, you encounter one of these symptoms discussed below; you should not waste further time and consult a Circumcision Center doctor to get the best solution for the problem.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Paraphimosis?

In common, the condition paraphimosis occurs when a healthcare expert forgets to full the foreskin of the penis back to the normal position, usually after an examination or medical procedure. However, some of the other causes include:

  • An infection
  • Pulling the foreskin back for a longer time
  • Trauma to the sensitive genital area
  • Foreskin tighter than normal
  • Pulling of the foreskin back with much more force

Diagnosing this health condition means that your circumcision doctor will have to inspect the area, they will ask you about the possible symptoms that you have and all the problems you may be experiencing with the penis foreskin.

Treatment of the Condition Paraphimosis

Treatment of the condition paraphimosis usually varies depending on your age as well as the severity of the condition.  In general, the basic steps to treating this penis condition means reducing the foreskin swelling. To tackle this problem, your doctors may need to proceed with the following:

  • Apply ice to the area
  • Wrap up the penis tightly with a bandage
  • Use needles to drain the pus or blood
  • Inject enzymes like hyaluronidase, which helps to reduce the swelling

In order to relieve tension from the penis, your circumcision doctor may need to make small incisions, but this is only in severe cases. At times when the swelling subsides, the doctor will then move the foreskin back to its original position. Sometimes, this is a very painful experience, and you will most likely need to use painkillers before they proceed with the incisions. The surgeons will inject anesthesia to block the pain nerves.

During the surgery, the doctor will also lubricate the foreskin gently and squeeze the penis tip back. They will then proceed with a complete circumcision or the foreskin removal. Often, for paraphimosis, the circumcision surgery is a preferred option to cure it. Adult circumcision helps to reduce the future occurrence of the problem ever again, eliminating the cause of the problem right from its roots.

Best Prevention Tips

As mentioned earlier, one of the best cures for paraphimosis is the adult circumcision surgery. However, if you do not opt for the surgery, here are tips on how to prevent this condition:

  • Ensure that you practice proper hygiene and keep the penis area clean
  • After pulling the foreskin when cleaning, intercourse or urinating, place the foreskin back over the tip
  • Make sure that after a complete examination, your healthcare provider pulls the foreskin back to its normal position
  • Make sure that never leave the tip of the penis extended for a very long time.

In case, you have this condition; the best advice is to opt for circumcision and make sure that you take all the instructions of your healthcare provider seriously after the procedure. Take any prescription medications they offer and follow their care and hygiene tips carefully.