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Hanbok is quickly gaining in popularity as a clothing item to wear every day, even though it has traditionally been worn only on special occasions. The new colorful baby boy hanbok designs and modern fabrics being used appear to have spurred new interest in the formalwear to be worn daily.

What is Baby Boy Hanbok?

Baby boy hanbok is a traditional South Korean clothing item that’s worn on special occasions such as during a Dol party, which is the first birthday. The formal outfit is also worn during the first 100-day celebration and even his two-year-old birthday. While most Koreans have considered hanbok to be formal attire, the new clothing designs, colors, and material being used has created an opportunity for these clothes to be worn informally and comfortably.

What Items & Accessories Come With Baby Boy Hanbok?

There are several clothing items and accessories that you’ll need to have a complete baby boy hanbok set:

  • Jeogori- The Jeogori is the term for the baby boy shirt
  • Babj-     These are the pants or trousers for the outfit.
  • Doltti-     A belt that’s traditionally worn with trousers. It contains the wishes from the parents concerning the health, wellness, luck, and hopefully the long life of the boy.
  • Norigae- This is an accessory that has been created using strap art and Korean embroidery.
  • Bokgun- The hat worn during the festivities.
  • Beoseon– These are the hanbok socks that the child will wear with the outfit.
  • Pocket- The pocket contains the lucky item so it’s called a lucky pocket.
  • Gotsin– To complete the baby boy hanbok, a pair of shoes.

What is the Modern Baby Boy Hanbok?

The South Korean government gave approval and support for the rising popularity and interest in hanbok. Just like with the other types of hanbok, baby boy hanbok has become modernized in recent years. There are now lighter color options available, such as pastel colors, although Navy is still the traditional color of choice.

The designs of the baby boy hanbok have also changed in recent years with updated designs to be more casual and street-fashion friendly. Both BTS and Blackpink have worn hanbok in music videos, which has spread the popularity of hanbok worldwide. More designers are choosing to add baby boy hanbok and other hanbok items into their fashion line and this has brought on innovative designs that still have traditional and contemporary elements.

Which Sizes does Baby Boy Hanbok Come In?

baby boy hanbok sizes include 100 days, 1-year-old, and 2 years old. You might be unsure of which size to purchase, although they are fairly true to size. It’s not often that a 100-day old baby boy hanbok won’t fit a 100-day old boy, though it does happen. If you’re unsure of the proper size, it’s always best to get a size up since you can always use a pin to the loose material back so it’s not in the way. If it’s too small there’s nothing you can do to stretch it, so bigger is better if you’re unsure.