Wedding trends are an ever-evolving phenomenon! You can’t pitch in for some random ideas as color themes and seasons often play a significant role in decision making when it comes to floral decors. Be it a bride with budget or the one with brains, knowing the latest trends and ideating the venue accordingly is a must to make your ceremony full of blessings and bliss! Read to know the latest flower trends to be followed if you are the one next in line to get hitched!

  • Ranunculus are like peonies in disguise this season

Peonies are an epitome of bashfulness. They tend to dominate all the wedding ceremonies with their breezy and bright hues. But to your surprise, Ranunculus that belongs to the family of Buttercups have domineered the floral wedding market for their extremely delicate and loving texture. Moreover, Victorians symbolizes Ranunculus as a bloom of charm and radiance; thereby adding to its glory! One could blend in some Sweet Peas and lashes of herbs or green foliages.

  • Seasonal choices of the year 2018!

As mentioned earlier, seasonality is a determining factor in the floral market trends.

Though we talked of how Ranunculus are the all-new peony, peonies undoubtedly make it to the flower bouquets during the Summer season. Grab a beautiful bunch of Mother’s Choice Peony from Whole Blossoms as they speak volumes of classiness and elegance.

For Autumn, Dahlias have replaced the Hydrangeas. Not just Hydrangeas, but berries too have been at the verge of being replaced with the lush green cabbages or any other fruits or vegetables that could bring out a rustic or theoretical effect when sprinkled over the cabbages with some frosting powder.

For the White Winter season, florists around the world and the ones at Whole Blossoms prefer using red roses that symbolize love! Brides feel that roses bring out warmth and a festive delight during the season. Quick Sand Roses, Faith Roses, Avalanche Roses are some of the best-preferred bunch of Rose varieties. And luckily, one could grab a whole lot of fresh bunch of them from Whole Blossoms. Blend in some berries and Pine cones with the Roses for the perfect vintage vibe.

  • Muted tones are a big win-win this season as blush pink, and ivory loses their charm.

2017 wedding season was brimming with blush pink and ivory color palettes. But for this year, what we have in store for us are some muted tones. Dark shades of Plum are mixed with light-toned Lilacs along with some sage green. This is a perfect blend of hues for the brides who yearn for something fresh and new. While to those who don’t mind some popping colors over here and there like candy colors of sizzling pink, green mint or coral, the bridal arrangement will certainly woo and wow your guests simultaneously.

  • Say No to big and grand bouquets

Why risk the effort of concealing a large portion of your dreamy wedding attire with that voluminous bouquet of flowers?

A small, but sweet and sound bouquet of blooms from Whole Blossoms could be more charming and elegant than a hefty one! Carry your wedding dress with ease without any further disturbances of the bouquet as you have gone for a simple and humble bunch of flowers this season!

Flutter off the aisle like a butterfly as you flatter on Camera!

The tightly packed designs, with flowers stacked up, one over the other seems to fade its charm as the likings for more natural and loose designs have increased, and hence grabbing fame and attention for the elegant bouquets.

  • Foliage is the new favorite!

Brides have also shifted their focus to more natural and fresh looks rather than dramatic ones. Green bouquets are the talk of the town. Moreover, it’s highly cost-effective as the gorgeous green is lively and handy! During winters, Eucalyptus is a great option; while in spring a breeze of fresh fragrances in the form of herbs like mint and Lime thyme would do the magic.

  • Wedding Arrangements

The ambiance of the venue should be made in such a way that others could make out the taste of the Couple. Statement designs are the best way to echo your senses. Grab some fresh bunch of blooms from Whole Blossoms to design a unique style of wedding aisle. Turn the memorable walk of your life into something magical with a sprinkle of fresh pastel-hued blooms with some hot pink signature blooms.

And how about creating a Red Carpet inspired green Carpet walkway for your guests too? Foliage and lush green would make up the walkway. Adorn it with some pretty florals from Whole Blossoms – you could go for the Prim Roses or a small potted tulip in tea bags. Anything of your choice that could make the day a delightful one, scented with love and fresh start of a wonderful journey with your significant other!