Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies. The big and small businesses have established dominance in social media as they expand their sales. For some, they have no reason to be in social media; they follow the crowd. In the end, they make mistakes that could cost the business in one way or another. Facebook has proven to be one of the most effective means of marketing your business. By using Facebook for business, one has a high chance of becoming successful. Below, we have highlighted the common mistakes made by companies on social media.

  1. Having a mentality that social media is free

Initially, small starters in the business world were being encouraged to join digital marketing since it was a free market. However, this is a big lie to an educated fellow. Compared to the traditional means of advertising and delivering, social media may seem cheaper. The fact is that it is not entirely free; one has to pay a cost for everything. This means that not everyone can keep up with it.

To start with, one requires a good number of followers. Getting a sizeable number may take a while. Additionally, keeping these followers requires caution. This is because hitting the ‘unfollow’ button takes a second. People may decide to unfollow if you don’t deliver content. Keeping up with social media requires commitments and strategy. This is a cost that an online entrepreneur should be willing to pay.

  • Ignoring criticisms

In social media, you will always come across people complaining in every post. In the past, people would post their complaints to the inboxes of companies. Only the company could view these complaints. As leaders, you would choose to do whatever you wish with the information; change for the better or ignore. With social media, once someone posts a complaint, everyone can see it.

To protect your brand, make it a habit of addressing these complaints. Rescue your reputation by having a professional response despite the language used by your customers. Always handle the situation before the lousy PR escalates. Ignoring your clients only shows how less you care about them.

  • Failing to have a global perspective

Social media is a small village that connects people from all over the world. Despite having local clients, always know that a business page on social media terms the business global. Give opinions and content about your organization. In the end, you may end up interacting with people outside your country who wish to partner with you. Make offers to foreign followers. This gives one a chance to know which countries are interested in your products and you could make plans for the same.

  • Making the interns do everything

Interns are globally abused by most of the employees in many organizations. This is a common thing to many of them. Interns join firms having a rough idea of what to expect there. In the marketing industry, we all want to deliver. However, very few people love paying the price for the same. This leads to overloading the most junior members in the company.

Some digital companies hand over social media matters to younger people with the mentality that they are more conversant with it. However, this is a stereotype that could bring down the company. Social media is not all about uploading pictures and checking followers. This post requires someone who has a strategy on the growth of the brand; someone who understands the company in and out. Interns should handle this only under supervision.

  • Using text more than images

Previously, people enjoyed reading volumes of writings. With time, things have changed. People are interested in pictures and videos. Some people will never read anything longer than a paragraph. This means that no matter how good your content could be, your target audience will never get it. In this era, always wrap up your content in an image. Make a short caption for the same. This is to capture more attention from followers than plain text.

  • Know your audience

The most disappointing thing you would ever experience is taking a shot only to realize you have been targeting the wrong audience all along. In social media marketing, find out about your audience. This will help you decide on crucial things such as language, tone, and strategies. Having the wrong audience will affect the results and brand in general.

  • Thinking about yourself all through

Many people have a problem with concentrating on self-promotion. However, they forget that social media is all about being social and communicating with strangers. People hate advertisements. If your posts focus on them, you will lose a lot of followers. Make promotion a once in a while thing. Promotions lead to sales. Nevertheless, minimize them and work on the available posts to engage and interact with people in comment sections.

  • Buying followers

The world is filled with people craving for power and fame. This leads to buying of followers. This is a big mistake since it means your followers are just ‘dead.’ Interactions in such pages are less since they may not be interested in your products in the first place. Some businesses go to the extent of holding contests on their pages. Unfortunately, the people who walk away with these prices are not even fans. You may be very active, but without real followers, it gives you no results. No matter how slow the process is, take the path. In the end, you will have a steady network with people interested in your products.

  • Having multiple profiles

People think that having numerous profiles in social media gives one a chance to get more customers. The problem with having various profiles is stirring confusions to your followers; they do not know the real page. In addition to this, it leads to loss of time and resources. To survive in this field, have one official account. This will build the brand you want.

  • Being low-key

Some people are so shy when it comes to posting on social media. They don’t want to appear outgoing or aggressive. For some companies, they prefer staying low-key with the mentality that they may annoy their followers. However, you may get forgotten, and your existence may seize. Remain active to remind your followers that you still offer them the services.


Every human being is prone to making mistakes. However, you don’t have to learn these mistakes out of your own experience. Learn from other people and don’t repeat the same. The above-highlighted tips will help you get good results.