While the numerous songs and movies made about the rains do get you in a good mood, there is no denying the fact that the monsoons can often dampen your style. After all, managing frizzy hair, avoiding puddles, and looking great at the same time can be quite a task to handle. Fret not, because though the monsoons bring an end to your breezy summer styles, it is not the end of your turning out your most stylish foot forward. Simply swapping your dresses with raincoats will not do the trick and what you need is some wardrobe reshuffle. Good thing is that we have just the ideas you need to revamp your wardrobe for the monsoons.

1. Bring out your trendy shorts

There is hardly a better to bring out those shorts when the roads are full of puddles. You would not want your favorite ankle denims to get stamped forever with mud strains. So, do away with the denims for the monsoons and pick up the shorts in all the colors of rainbow. Think of colors like reds, oranges, pinks, and the like to prepare you for the rains. Pair it up with a simple t-shirt for a cool casual look.

2. Brave the rains with cropped trousers

As much as the shorts have your heart, they are not really something you can wear everywhere. For a formal or semi-formal setting, you better go with the cropped trousers. Keep the length up to the knees or below it depending on the occasion you are attending. Yes, you can go for cropped denims too but keep in mind that given the weather, the denims will take longer to dry out after you wash them. So, naturally the lightweight trousers are a better option for monsoons.

3. Take out those tank tops and t-shirts

No need to bid goodbye to the t-shirts just because the summers are over. Keep the t-shirts handy and now in fact, you can add tank tops to the list. The tank tops are really preferred by women during the summers for the fear of tanning. Now, with the sun shrouded under the clouds, you can wear the tank tops to your heart’s delight. Go for a light shade on the tops if you are pairing those with colorful shorts.

4. Swivel around in pretty skirts

The pretty pastels or polka dotted skirts look oh-so-pretty for the season. Again, the length is the key when it comes to choosing the outfits for monsoon. The long skirts are for the summers and spring. Monsoon is the time for short or mid-length skirts in bright prints. You can go for either the pencil skirts or the pleated ones according to your comfort. The wrap-around skirts have also been trending since the spring.

5. Do not ditch the dresses yet

No, you do not need to ditch all the dresses as of yet but yes, you do need to keep those maxi-dresses at the back of the wardrobe for now. Imagine navigating the puddles managing your umbrella and your long, flowy dresses at the same time and you will understand the hassle. A cool new outfit to wear this season is the jumpsuit dress which ends at above your knees.

6. Say hello to palazzos and culottes

If you thought that with the summers coming to an end it is time to bid adieu to the culottes, think again. The rains lead to high humidity in the air causing the sweaty legs. No one wants the discomfort of pants sticking to their legs when they walk. So, let the culottes and palazzos come to your rescue. The medium length ensures that they do not get dirty and the wide fit lets you stay comfy.

7. Cool raincoats to add to the wardrobe

Raincoats are the must haves for the season and so, why go with the basic, boring ones? Jazz up your monsoon wardrobe with the coolest raincoats in the market. Check out the sheer plastic ones with detailing on the hoods and pockets. You can also pick out the ones that look totally like trench coats with their broad collars and belted waists. The trendy graphics 3D raincoats are quite the rage for this season.



8. Add the fun element with playsuits

Playsuits are really in for the season and you can definitely add two or three of these to your wardrobe for the season. When the weather turns this gloomy, bring on the fun element in the form of colorful playsuits. Instead of going for linens, select the ones in synthetic fabrics as they will dry out quickly. Look for the ones with cute and quirky prints on them.



9. The capes making a comeback

The capes have made a comeback for the season and thankfully so. The slight nip in the air, especially during the evenings, makes layering a necessity. Capes are perfect for light layering that does not make you sweat but saves you from the chill of the night air. Keep your outfit monotone or in basic colors to pair it up with a colorful and long-sleeved cape.

10. A dash of color on your feet

The monsoon footwear needs to be chosen with care as you want something that goes with your style but at the same time does not get too long to dry out. The clear shoes have made a transition from the summers to the monsoon and they have become quite the talk of the town after fashionista Kim K flaunted them at the Versace after party for Met Gala. Apart from clear shoes, you can also go for the monsoon staples: the crocs. Keep the color story vibrant and crazy for the crocs when you tone down the shades for the outfit.

Now that you have your outfit worries sorted for the monsoon, what are you waiting? Go out and enjoy the rains in style!